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Advantages of polycarbonate corrugated panels

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Advantages of polycarbonate corrugated panels

What is corrugated polycarbonate panel? The clear corrugated polycarbonate board is called a three-dimensional corrugated board or a 3D decorative board. It is a material made of high-molecular density board or gypsum abrasives, and the surface is made by spraying and baking paint. The corrugated polycarbonate board can create different styles.


Advantages of polycarbonate corrugated

1. Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, service life of more than 25 years.

The material itself has strong corrosion resistance, and it will not have reaction with chemicals. Therefore, clear corrugated panels are more suitable for special environments such as beaches and chemical plants.


2. The performance of noise reduction and heat insulation is particularly outstanding.

The thermal insulation performance of the 2.2mm thick polycarbonate plastic roof panel is 2200 times that of the 0.5mm thick steel tile. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is about 2℃ in the industrial plant (without heat preservation treatment) where corrugated board is used.


3. Low installation cost.

The installation of the clear corrugated fiberglass roofing panels does not need to reserve expansion holes, and it is directly fixed by drilling holes, which is convenient and quick, requiring no follow-up maintenance costs.


4. UV protection.

The main raw material of the translucent corrugated panel is polycarbonate, and UV and other chemical raw materials are also added in the production. UV is an anti-ultraviolet agent, so the biggest advantage of the corrugated transparent sheet is that it has a strong ability to absorb ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet spectrum range that can withstand is between 290nm-400nm, which can effectively isolate 99.9% of ultraviolet rays.


43-2-corrugated polycarbonate panels

5. Beautiful appearance.

The corrugated clear plastic panel is rich in colors and unique in shape, which can achieve various styles of buildings.


6. Wind and earthquake resistance.

The 90-degree building facade decoration is safe and reliable. Whether it is for high-rise or low-rise buildings, inland or coastal areas, it can withstand hurricanes and earthquakes, and the roof system is safe and reliable.



Polycarbonate corrugated style

There are dozens of pattern shapes for choice such as straight ripples, water ripples, surfing patterns, golden armor patterns, textile patterns, snow patterns, etc. The surface effects include pure whiteboard, gold and silver paste, pearlescent board, star board, cracked paint board, imitation stone, etc.


Application of corrugated board

It is suitable for designing door courtyards, porches, background walls, TV walls, columns, bars, doors, suspended ceilings, display racks, etc. It can replace natural veneer.



Polycarbonate corrugated decoration effect

The surface characteristics of the corrugated polycarbonate sheet are uniform structure, fine craftsmanship, and strong three-dimensional effect. Moreover, the color of the corrugated panel is very rich, with different decorative effects, such as pure white wave board, gold and silver wave board, pearl wave board, star wave board, cracked paint wave board, imitation stone wave board, etc. There are as many as 30 decoration effects.


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