Physical Properties

  Weather Resistance

UV Protection

Ultraviolet radiation causes fine cracks on the surface of the plate, which is detrimental to the plate. Saining PC sheet is both heat resistant and dew resistant as one of its side is anti ultraviolet (UV) layer made by co-extrusion process, and the other has undergone condensation treatment. It can block ultraviolet and is extremely suitable for protecting valuable art exhibits from ultraviolet. With co-extruded UV protection on one or both sides, Saining multi-layer panels is aging resistant. This unique protective layer, ensures sheets’ long-term optical properties under intensive UV radiation. Compared with other thermoplastic lighting materials, Saining PC board is more durable.

Weather Resistance

PC panel can maintain stable under -40℃ to 120℃. After 4000 hours of aging test in artificial climate, the yellowing degree was 2 and the light transmittance decreased by only 0.6%.


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