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  Light Control Technology

PC board with light control technology plays an important role in agricultural greenhouse. PC board can enhance the output value and increase production and income in the application of crop production. For economic crops with high added value, it can transform the light in the sunshine which is not conducive to the growth of crops into one that promotes the absorption of nutrients, increase of output value, improves the synthesis of chlorophyll in crops, photosynthesis and accumulation of energy of crops, so as to make them grow healthily and rapidly. Light can also kill some germs on crops, which can prevent the invasion of pests.


Our energy-saving PC board not only adopts light control technology, but is also resistant to fog drop, impact, wind, and ultraviolet. It keeps cool in summer and warm in winter. PC surface that has undergone anti-condensation treatment, is anti-ultraviolet, anti-fog and heat resistant. To a large extent, it shortens the growth cycle of crops, increases yields and reduces pests and diseases, making crops greener and healthier .


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