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Chemical resistance

Saining multi-layer plate can be used in combination with many building materials and lighting materials. The compatibility of chemical materials must be carefully considered. Chemicals used together with PC sheets require special testing. The most commonly used materials are sealants, washers, and cleaners. Compatibility tests and data for chemical materials are constantly updated at Saining, and many standard products have been tested. A complete list of recommended cleaners, washers and sealants is available upon request. Here are a few common ones: when using lighting materials, it is necessary to reserve appropriate thermal expansion on the premise that the bonding of the sealing material between the frame and the plate is not affected. We generally recommend Dow Corning's silicone sealant, which works well with Saining multi-layer plates. It is strongly recommended that other sealing materials be tested for compatibility before use.

Recommended Gasket Type
Recommended Sealant
Chemical resistance of polycarbonate at room temperature

The table lists the resistance of PC board to a variety of common chemicals, as well as tolerance of other corrosive media at room temperature. The chemical resistance of PC panel is different according to the concentration of chemicals, so we carried out different tests accordingly, and listed the results in the table. This table is only a suggestion for the compatibility of some chemicals. Unless you have performed special tests and can provide relevant documentation, Saining does not guarantee chemical resistance.

Chemical Resistance of Polycarbonate at Room Temperature


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