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In recent years, facing the global energy crisis, the LED industry has prospered and LED lighting is now widely used in billboards, advertising light boxes, lighting, display, backlight and other industries. With the popularization of LED lighting, incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps will gradually be phased out, which is of great significance to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction and actively respond to global climate change. In 2013, the global LED lighting market was worth about $27 billion, while the Chinese LED market was worth about 48 billion yuan. Light, easy to process, and tough, polycarbonate is flame retardant and heat resistant which makes it the first choice of glass replacement in LED lighting and billboard, advertising light box industry.

Lighting Engineering

At present, the global PC board is developing high functionality and specialization. Made mainly of polycarbonate using co-extrusion technology, PC board is resistant to weak acid. With high temperature resistance and good lighting effect, PC hollow board is a high-tech, energy-saving and environmental friendly plastic sheet with excellent performance. It is currently widely used as plastic building materials around the globe. Because of its excellent lighting effect and light transmittance, it is also widely used in lighting engineering.

Agricultural Greenhouse

Polycarbonate (PC) plate has entered China for 20 years. Because of its high transparency, high strength, light weight, as well as thermal insulation, easy installation, it is widely used in agricultural greenhouse engineering. PC board has the light transmittance up to 92%, and UV co-extruded layer will not produce yellow, atomization, poor light transmission and other negative effects when exposed in the sun. PC panel has low light loss rate ( 6% in ten years) while PVC light loss rate is as high as 15%-20%, and glass fiber, 12%-20%. Therefore, polycarbonate sheet is often used in agriculture as building material for modern agricultural greenhouses, modern farms, green restaurants, flower markets, transparent insulation covering materials, etc.


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