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Application of PC multi-layer panel in traffic hub

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Application of PC multi-layer panel in traffic hub

As China's high-speed railway technology is becoming maturer, many cities and counties have benefited from it and are "happy to promote" high-speed railway, ushering in their own era of high-speed railway and the construction of high-speed railway stations has under way everywhere. In a crowded place like a high-speed railway station, safety is undoubtedly an important issue for everyone. The traditional building material of the station is glass, but in fact glass is not very safe. So what can replace glass? PC multi-layer panel may be the way of the future.

Product features

To replace glass, it must first have the same effect as glass. With regard to light transmittance, PC multi-layer board is comparable to glass, with light transmittance up to 89%, which not only ensures better visual effect, but also provides a good lighting effect. In addition, the PC board is also very light. It weighs only 1/15 that of glass of the same thickness. Coupled with its characteristics of cold bending or hot bending, it is easy to design and installation, which help strengthen the load bearing structure.

Secondly, glass is brittle. Under the impact of external forces, it will easily break and crack, and may cause damage to personnel. However, PC multi-layer plate has stronger impact resistance, which is 250 times that of glass, 30 times that of plexiglass, and 2-20 times that of tempered glass. In addition, PC laminated board also has fracture resistance, which avoids harm to the human body and provide security for the crowded station. PC multi-layer board has excellent fire resistant performance with ignition point as high as 630℃. After burning, it will self-extinguish, which makes it qualified for high-speed railway station material. Its fire performance ensures safety of waiting passengers. PC laminated heat transfer coefficient (K value) is low, with the minimum reaching 1.1W /m2 K, and its good insulation prevents the infrared ray and heat from getting through the ceiling into the station. The excellent thermal insulation performance make the high-speed railway station "warm in winter and cool in summer", which can even reduce the energy consumption cost.


39-2-solid polycarbonate sheet

High-speed railway station has high requirement for the endurance of materials. PC multi-layer board is weather resistant and ant-ultraviolet. It can adapt to temperature ranging from minus 40 to 120℃ and can resist the invasion of ultraviolet light, all making the plate more durable.

For large engineering projects, large indoor and outdoor temperature difference may lead to the formation of water drops, which will cause damage to the equipment and trouble to passengers. Our company has produced anti-drop panel to solve this problem. With a number of imported production lines in line with international standards, Saining is equipped with a thousand dust-free workshops and a professional production team. Our multi-layer connector panels are of high quality and have multiple advantages over glass and other plastics. They are suitable for roofing, partition and is widely used in transportation hubs. We focus on material scientific research, provide customization services and installation solutions. If you are interested in PC plate, welcome to contact us. We looking forward to cooperating with you.

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