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Application of PC panel in lighting industry

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Application of PC panel in lighting industry

In the lighting industry, LED products was not widely used in the past due to the high price. However, with the technological innovation, the production cost of LED lamps is reduced, and the characteristics of energy saving and high performance make it the mainstream choice. As LED lighting is adopted in more and more industries, lighting manufacturers are pursuing new materials to drive innovative design and shapes, improve efficiency, and overcome ongoing cost barriers. Commercial and industrial LED lighting manufacturers are also facing the same challenges. The new Lighting material must be practical, attractive and lightweight, while still provides high light efficiency and uniformity.


In order to meet these complex standards, Saining has produced PC light diffusion plate, which has undergone hardness treatment to further improve the toughness of the plate. Its impact resistance is 250 times that of glass, 30 times that of plexiglass and 2-20times that of tempered glass. Saining PC light diffusion plate also provides manufacturers with various choices of processing methods. It can accept both cold bending and hot bending, so dynamic and curved shapes can be achieved.


40-3-corrugated polycarbonate sheet

In addition, Saining PC light diffusion plate can be used under minus 40℃ to 148℃. Compared with the peer products, it is more high temperature resistant, and has stabler performance. Long-term use wont affect its good optical properties, which is in line with the needs of LED lamps. After under special treatment, flame retardant grade of Saining PC light diffusion plate can reach V0 (non-combustible), so safety is guaranteed.

Designers should make the light of household LED softer. Saining off-white PC light diffuser is a single-sided or double-sided abrasive diffuser, which can shield LED light source, optimize light extraction, help to evenly distribute light and reduce glare. LED light source can produce dazzling white light without a diffuser. Our PC light diffuser can provide 90+% light transmission for LED lamps. At the same time, designers must balance the aesthetic needs of soft white light with light transmission. Too much diffuser means excessive illumination loss, reducing lamp T-bubble deficiency. Saining PC light diffusion board is good at achieving the delicate balance between diffusion and light propagation. New  generation polycarbonate can shield heat without affecting light transmission. PC light diffusion plate when used as the lampshade of LED lamps, has more advantages than PMMA and glass. Such is also the development direction of the future lighting industry.

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