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Application of PC panel in sunlight room

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Application of PC panel in sunlight room

Many people choose to go to the swimming pool for exercise and entertainment, but open-air swimming pool faces many problems, such as the pollution and accidents of children falling, and it is more susceptible to rain, snow and other weather conditions. Therefore, whether it is a private swimming pool or a public one, you can build a sun shade to avoid the above problems. And the best material award for sun shade goes to polycarbonate.

Unique advantages

Strong impact resistance

Setting up a safe and reliable swimming pool sunlight room can in some point prevent pollution and accidents. In addition, PC hollow panels can also reduce the impact of rain, hail and even snow disasters, because the impact strength of PC hollow panels is 250 times that of ordinary glass of the same thickness and 30 times that of plexiglass. It will not crack when stricken by 1 kg hammer or fall from the height of 1 meter. It is reputed as "tempered glass".


High light transmittance

The light transmittance of energy-saving and environmentally friendly PC panels is 11-80%, and the light transmittance can be adjusted according to actual applications. Choosing PC panels with moderate light transmittance can increase the internal natural lighting and avoid excessive light. At the same time, it can prevent the light from being too strong and causing dazzling. The anti-dripping PC panel can also prevent condensation of water on the roof.



Sufficient light transmittance enables indoor swimming pools to reduce artificial lighting energy during the day, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Taking an indoor swimming pool 25m long, 18m wide and 4.5m high in Guangdong as an example, about 12 200W induction lamps are used. The business hours for natural light during the day is about 9 hours, that is to say, by using PC hollow sheet, 21.6 kilowatt-hours of electricity can be saved a day, which is 648 kilowatt-hours in one month. The figure is quite impressive.


Good heat insulation performance

Thanks to the good heat insulation performance, even under the scorching sun, there is no need to worry about the indoor temperature of the swimming pool being too high. In fact, the indoor temperature is several degrees lower than that of outdoors. The cool temperature guarantees a good swimming experience. In winter, the low outdoor temperature makes the outdoor swimming pool a challenge, while the indoor swimming pool remains warm.


Because plastics have poor resistance to ultraviolet rays, PC panel manufacturers will add an anti-ultraviolet layer to their products to achieve the effect of isolating ultraviolet rays and prolong the service life, which can also prevent the user's skin from being damaged by excessive ultraviolet rays.


Bright appearance

PC hollow board has a variety of colors such as transparent, grass green, lake blue, milky white, and brown. You can also adjust the color and customize more colors. The variety of colors can make the swimming pool more colorful and beautiful to meet the needs of designers. PC board also has the characteristics of bendability, with the minimum bending radius 175 times that of the thickness.


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