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Application of PC panels in modern agricultural greenhouses

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Application of PC panels in modern agricultural greenhouses

Nowadays, agricultural greenhouses has now developed into a high-tech theme project that integrates agricultural sightseeing, technology display, scientific popularization, and parent-child activities. The significance of greenhouses has far exceeded the scope of single planting. At present, creative greenhouses is growing all over the world. There are various forms of greenhouses, such as sustainable ecological greenhouse parks, greenhouse ecological restaurants, wedding theme greenhouses, parent-child amusement greenhouses, smart agricultural sightseeing greenhouses and so on. The creative business model has brought a new way out for modern agriculture and improved low land output rate, resource utilization rate, and labor productivity. The innovation of modern agricultural greenhouses owe its credit to  excellent PC hollow board.


New vision
Climate Control
Hollow polycarbonate sheet have good heat insulation performance. The heat transfer coefficient (K value) of PC hollow panels is about 1.7-2.9, which is 7-2 5% lower than that of glass of the same thickness. With superb heat insulation effect, PC hollow panels can maintain a stable climate for the new form of agricultural greenhouses and provide excellent user experience.


Good photosynthesis
The light transmittance of PC hollow panels suitable for agricultural greenhouses is 73-80%, and different light transmittance can also be customized according to the plant's preference for sunlight. The anti-fog PC panel has a hydrophilic mucosa on the inner wall, which can prevent water droplets from condensing on the ceiling due to obvious temperature variation, and ensure sufficient light for plants to perform photosynthesis.


24 polycarbonate-greenhouse


As a public platform, how to ensure safety is an unavoidable issue. The PC hollow panel has super impact resistance, which is 250 times that of glass of the same thickness, 30 times that of plexiglass, and 20 times that of tempered glass. It can resist hail, snow and other natural disasters to ensure public safety. Saining multi-layer panel has good fire-proof performance. Confirmed by the national standard GB50222-95, PC board is B1 level, Class 1 flame retardant. The ignition point of PC sheet is 580 ℃, and it extinguishes right after being deviated from fire. It produces no toxic gases when burning, and will not promote the spread of the fire.


Light Weight

It weighs only half of glass, saving the cost of transportation, loading and unloading, installation and supporting frame. Saining multi-layer panel is an ideal substitute for traditional lighting materials. It is safe, easy to operate, cut and install and tough. Compared with 6mm toughened glass, 10mm thick Saining multi-layer panel are 85% lighter in weight.

Long service life

Saining PC sheet is both heat resistant and dew resistant as one of its side is anti ultraviolet (UV) layer made by co-extrusion process, and the other has undergone condensation treatment. It can block ultraviolet and is extremely suitable for protecting valuable art exhibits from ultraviolet. With co-extruded UV protection on one or both sides, Saining multi-layer panels is aging resistant.

To make a quality greenhouse room, it is essential to choose a reliable PC panel supplier. Saining has been in the PC sheet industry for more than 20 years, and has rich polycarbonate scientific research results and sufficient PC sheet production experience. We recommend that for ordinary agricultural greenhouses, you can choose 8-10mm Saining PC two-layer sheets, and for new agricultural greenhouse tourism projects, you can choose 10-16mm Saining PC Three-layer hollow sheet to ensure strong impact resistance and public safety.

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