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Characteristics of three-dimensional corrugated board

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Characteristics of three-dimensional corrugated board

Called 3D decorative board, three-dimensional corrugated board is formed by physical technology, meets environmental protection and safety requirements, and is often used as the decorative material of new environmental protection indoor background wall. This polycarbonate plastic roof panel is of ingenious design. With the continuous development of R&D technology, the second generation products were launched in 2011, including two series products: environmental friendly type (G2Ⅰ) and durable type(G2Ⅱ).



Performance characteristics

Environment friendly

1. Unique selling point: environmental protection-no harmful substances such as formaldehyde are released from installing polycarbonate roof panels. Natural environmental protection materials are raw materials, physically processed and degradable.


2. Performance characteristics: environmental protection, natural texture, simple construction, light material, fashionable design, three-dimensional modeling, simple and elegant, sound absorption and heat insulation.




1. Unique selling point: scrub resistance-made of composite materials.


2. Performance characteristics: the transparent plastic roof is beautiful and durable, collision-proof, sound-absorbing and heat-insulating, flame retardant, waterproof and moisture-proof, rich colors, high-grade texture, fashionable design and three-dimensional modeling.


44-2-polycarbonate plastic roof panel 

Comparison of product characteristics


1. Scrubbing resistance: Because translucent corrugated roof panels are a composite material, its surface has special technical treatment, and pollutants are not easy to adhere to, which is easy to scrub and ensures the function of long-term use. The first generation of products does not have this function.


2. Anti-collision: Because corrugated clear roofing sheets are made of fiber, it is elastic, and the multilayer composite material makes it tough, especially suitable for children's rooms and anti-collision rooms. The products of the first generation are extremely easy to deform and irreparable, which may make the products invalid after collision, and is not conducive to installation and use.


3. Sound absorption: Because of its three-dimensional shape, this tinted corrugated plastic roofing is especially suitable for the decoration engineering of sound-absorbing boards in public places. Because the second generation products are composite materials, and the three-dimensional modeling is designed according to acoustic principles, they completely replace the shortcomings of the first generation products, and better meet the technical requirements of acoustic spaces such as theaters and KTV.


4. Flame retardant: In order to change the fact that the first generation products can not be used as engineering fireproof decoration materials, the second generation corrugated clear plastic panels fully realize the flame retardant function of decoration engineering materials by utilizing the technical advantages of composite materials, and greatly expand the space types of product use.


5. Moisture-proof and water-proof: The decorative materials often encounter surface scrubbing and damp air, which will affect the use and beauty of clear shed roof panels. The second-generation products completely change the shortcomings of the first-generation products, and greatly improve the moisture-proof and water-proof functions of decorative materials.


6. Anti-fog function: adopting international advanced anti-fog technology can prevent condensation; The coating reduces the surface tension, and water drops form a thin water film on the whole surface of the clear plastic roof panels, which will not fall to the ground or affect the light transmittance of the board.


7. Beautiful: It can match various architectural styles, and clear corrugated roofing is the best choice for lighting roofs such as workshops, sports venues, greenhouses and rest pavilions.


8. Energy saving, easy installation: light weight, quick installation, saving structure cost and shortening construction period.


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