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Corrugated polycarbonate board in our life

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Corrugated polycarbonate board in our life

Corrugated plastic board is a new decorative material with three-dimensional and smooth shape and diverse colors. Clear plastic roof sheets will become the mainstream decorative material. Being able to create a beautiful living space environment, it is a new generation product of decorative materials industry. Due to the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and technology, the plain board, pure white board, colorful board, gold and silver foil board, etc., are beautiful in shape, fine in process, noble in appearance, uniform in structure, stable in size and strong in stereoscopic impression. According to customers' requirements, clear polycarbonate roof panels with different corrugated board patterns, colors and shapes can be customized. While adding luxury and elegance to your working environment, it also offers convenience thanks to its easy to clean feature.





Transparent corrugated sheet is light in weight, excellent in rigidity and impact resistance, unbreakable, clear, multifunctional and weather-resistant. Corrugated polycarbonate board has excellent ultraviolet resistance, which can protect crops from ultraviolet rays. It is not only resistant ultraviolet rays, but also has good transparency, which can ensure that crops can receive enough sunlight. Because this material is very light, it is very convenient in transportation and installation.





Corrugated greenhouse panels are generally used in greenhouses, warehouse buildings, skylight roofs, shopping centers, garages, sun rooms and carports.


41-2-clear plastic roof sheets


How to install corrugated board roof?


According to the size, most corrugated plates are close to 10m in length. If you need to lap the whole clear polycarbonate roofing, you should reserve at least 50 cm of lap length. Pre-drilling holes on wave crests of corrugated plates. Some corrugated plates have been drilled with holes. If not, you have to drill a few holes in advance with a 5 mm drill. The spacing between holes at both ends and sides of corrugated plate should be kept between 15 and 20 cm. Then, the transparent plastic sheet for roof is directly placed on the purlin of the roof truss and installed from the outer edge position. Both ends should be sealed with wooden strips or plastic strips to prevent leakage of rain and intrusion of mosquitoes. Next, pre-drill holes, using 10X5.2cm screws and polycarbonate washers. Continue installation until the whole roof is completely covered with transparent corrugated roofing. Then adjust the lap spacing to ensure that there is no need to cut extra length when installing the last board. If you are installing a double roof, continue to install it on the other side of the roof, and cover the home depot clear roof panels during the installation of the roof panel.


Little tips:


First, place the corrugated board on the ground according to the installation method you want, which will help you better control the overlapping distance between the boards.


When installing roof structure, truss spacing should not exceed 60 cm, and purlin spacing should not exceed 90 cm.


When installing the clear corrugated roof panels on the terrace, it is necessary to install the connecting plate connecting the corrugated board roof on the wall and use roof sealant. Use sealant correctly according to manufacturer's instructions.


You can use two different types of corrugated boards to build roofs, and use transparent or clear fiberglass roof panels to design lighting areas.

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