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Do you know corrugated polycarbonate?

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Do you know corrugated polycarbonate?

We can see many different kinds of polycarbonate boards in the market, but in fact, the best one is corrugated polycarbonate, which can be found in garages, skylights, scaffolding and roofs, etc. This kind of material generally presents a wavy shape, and many manufacturers reinforce corrugated polycarbonate sheet with chopped glass fibers. Although polycarbonate boards are made of two sheets, they are often used as single sheets. So how is the corrugated polycarbonate board manufactured?


Polycarbonate corrugated roofing sheets are generally made of polypropylene and polyethylene, which are the most common thermoplastics. Many common plastic products in our life are almost made of these materials. Polypropylene can resist many chemical substances at room temperature. Because this material has neutral pH value, products made of this material have good performance. Polypropylene can not only be directly used as raw material of products, it can also be used as an additive for making other products, so that the properties of polypropylene can be transferred to other products, such as anti-ultraviolet, fireproof and anti-static properties. Generally speaking, polycarbonate plates with different shapes need dies with different profiles, which can meet the requirements of different widths and thicknesses of plates. After having a certain shape of dies, it is necessary to use extrusion technology to shape polycarbonate plates.


Corrugated polycarbonate board has many advantages. Because it is a plastic product, it is very light in weight, and the hardness of the clear corrugated sheets is even stronger than that of glass. Because the corrugated polycarbonate board is translucent, it can not only let the sun shine in, but also keep the original color and strength of the board.


40-2-corrugated polycarbonate sheet 

Application of corrugated polycarbonate board


The most common application of polycarbonate flat roof panels is as roofing. Because of its good insulation and anti-UV performance, it is often used to make greenhouses, which can not only ensure that plants can get enough sunlight, but also prevent ultraviolet radiation. Besides being used as a roof, corrugated plastic greenhouse panels can also be used to make pet pens, because this material is easy to build and clean, thus reducing the maintenance cost of pet pens. Corrugated polycarbonate board can also be used to make some temporary shelters, because this material is light in weight and very simple in transportation and installation, so it is very suitable for building temporary shelters for earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters. Because polycarbonate corrugated roofing has many colors to choose from, it is often used to make signs. People can also print on polycarbonate board to create unique signs. Of course, this kind of material can also be used as a packaging component, because the material of clear corrugated panels is very flexible, has very good performance, and can be used flexibly.





High daylighting, UV isolation, energy saving 
High strength, durability, anti-aging, no rust or corrosion.


The corrugated clear plastic roofing has strong impact resistance, waterproof and sealing performance, adaptability to various severe weather environments, and strong chemical erosion resistance.


Fire-proof and flame-retardant: according to the national standard GB8624, polycarbonate corrugated roof panel belongs to flame-retardant class B.


Corrugated polycarbonate panels, as an environment-friendly multifunctional material, has great development space in the future, and the its huge potential is yet to be explored. 

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