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Future development of the polycarbonate sheet industry

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Future development of the polycarbonate sheet industry

After more than 30 years of development, China has risen from having no polycarbonate production equipment to the world's largest polycarbonate producer. In 2018, the total domestic production capacity has reached 1.205 million tons. How to refine the development of polycarbonate panel companies in the future to make the industry more orderly and healthier has become an urgent issue for the industry.


The focus of the future development of the polycarbonate industry is bound to shift from "quantity" to "quality". The same is true for polycarbonate sheet manufacturers. They must attach importance to the development of downstream applications to meet the needs of users as the starting point to achieve customized, serialized, high-end, and differentiated products. In the field of downstream application development, electronic and electrical, automotive machinery, and medical care are top priorities.



Automotive machinery field

Automotive field benefits from its characteristics of high light transmittance, strong toughness, and UV protection. Polycarbonate has long become the mainstream material for car headlights. With the development of lighter automotive glass, polycarbonate, which is lighter than glass, can also be on a larger stage. For example, windshields, sunroofs, display panels, dashboards, etc. can all use solid polycarbonate panels.


9-1 polycarbonate sheet 

Medical field

In the medical field, the main applications are new optical materials, LED lighting and medical equipment, and Saining also has corresponding products. Saining's PC light diffuser can adjust the haze and light transmittance according to the needs to meet the actual needs of medical lighting. In addition, Suning's PC anti-static board can prevent the accumulation of dust and avoid the hazards caused by static electricity, so as to meet the dust-free requirements of medical equipment.



Electronic and electrical field

With the gradual improvement of 5G base stations, major mobile phone manufacturers have launched 5G mobile phones one after another. 5G communication will use a spectrum above 3Ghz, and its millimeter wave has a shorter wavelength, metal materials will cause serious interference to it, and will also affect the wireless charging of mobile phones, so metal back covers are gradually being abandoned. At present, mainstream high-end mobile phones mostly use the glass back cover with high-end appearance and smooth feel. However, it cannot be ignored that while getting a smooth feel, the phone is also more prone to breakage.


In order to solve the above problems, Saining has launched a corresponding solution product-PC+PMMA composite board. The feature of no shielding for signals makes mobile phone manufacturers focus on polycarbonate again. In addition, Saining's PC+PMMA composite board combines the dual characteristics of PC impact resistance and PMMA scratch resistance, coupled with the good dyeability and printing performance of polycarbonate, mobile phone manufacturers can achieve the appearance that the designer envisioned  and to better ensure the safety and aesthetics of the phone.



What is the future development of hollow polycarbonate sheet, corrugated polycarbonate sheet and aluminum alloy sheet? To know more about polycarbonate, please visit our website.

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