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How and why polycarbonate plastic is used for machining?

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How and why polycarbonate plastic is used for machining?

What is machining polycarbonate

Machining is a subtractive manufacturing process in which material is removed from the workpiece to create the desired shape. Much of this process is automated. However, it requires engineers and workers to give orders and keep the process running smoothly.


But for the most part, the machining of polycarbonate panel is a computer-operated manufacturing process, run in dedicated facilities using a large number of tools.



Why is machining polycarbonate so popular

It is well known that polycarbonate panels have excellent machining properties.


In most industries, machining polycarbonate is considered to be one of the best ways to obtain plastic parts, and there are many reasons for this. But a proper machining solution will allow you to have the parts you need exactly like your design. In a cost-efficient and effective way, machining can produce the replica of any critical design in a large number quickly, which makes it a favorite among both buyers and manufacturers. Plexiglass panels like plexiglass greenhouse panels also provide good machining properties, but this is different in the way that acrylic and polycarbonate are machined. For example, you can cold bend polycarbonate sheets, but you have to hot bend acrylic sheets.



Why use polycarbonate machining

Machining is important for critical and complex designs. It allows you to accurately replicate a very complex design in less time and with low cast times. When we talk about the elements of this process, the first thing that comes to mind are metals. But due to technological advances and the excellent properties of polycarbonate plastic, it has become a good choice.


Today, machined polycarbonate parts and products can be found everywhere. Machined parts of polycarbonate have performed well in various fields, from the marine industry to the aerospace industry.


65.plastic roofing panels 

Custom polycarbonate parts

Polycarbonate is widely used in greenhouse panels, plastic roofing panels and other applications. But because of its extremely high strength and rigidity, it is now used in a variety of other industries. Custom polycarbonate clips and other parts are regularly used for automotive, medical and aerospace applications. Wherever possible, buyers try to replace metal parts with plastic ones. The reason is simple, aluminum or other metals are much heavier than plastic. For the automotive or aerospace industry, weight is an important factor to consider. As a result, the need for custom PC accessories emerged. There are many custom-machined polycarbonate parts used in medical, aerospace, automotive and various other industries. The parts are very lightweight with high precision and better build quality. These qualities make it a great alternative for metal parts.



How to machine polycarbonate

Machining plastic is not very different from machining metals like aluminum. However, the process becomes a lot easier and more efficient with plastic. As it is easier to cut compared to metal, manufacturers need less strength in their cutting tools. The process begins with a design. Buyers usually have a design of their custom polycarbonate sheets and we, manufacturers, make a CAD/CAM 3D model on it in the computer-based on that design. As you know, the process is highly dependent on computers and automated cutting tools. We need to give the exact command to make this work.



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