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How much do you know about PMMA?

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How much do you know about PMMA?

Polymethyl methacrylate, abbreviated as PMMA sheet, is a high molecular polymer, also known as PMMA acrylic sheet or plexiglass. It has the advantages of high transparency, low PMMA sheet price and easy machining. It is an alternative material for glass that we often use. PMMA was first discovered by French chemists, and it was not put on the market until 1993.



Scientific performance

The melting point of PMMA plastic sheet is 320°F and the density range is 1.17-1.20 g/cm3. The weight of a material of the same size is only half that of ordinary glass, and 43% of metallic aluminum (belonging to light metal). Plexiglass is an excellent polymer transparent material with a light transmittance of 92%, which is higher than that of glass. Compared with other polymers and plastics, the acrylic PMMA sheet has no aqueous solution reaction and has high scratch resistance. Generally, if the surface of a material made of PC PMMA sheet is damaged, it can be attributed to exposure to aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbon, ester or ketone chemicals.



Soundproof and shatterproof

PMMA sheet near me can block the propagation of external sound waves, making it sound insulation. According to this characteristic of plexiglass, it is used in recording studios, libraries, quiet rooms, and even cars.


The relative molecular weight of plexiglass is about 2 million. It is a long-chain polymer compound, and the chains that form the molecules are very soft. Therefore, plexiglass has a relatively high strength, and its tensile and impact resistance is 7-18 times higher than that of ordinary glass. There is a kind of plexiglass that has been heated and stretched, in which the molecular chains are arranged in a very orderly manner, which significantly improves the toughness of the material. Use nails to penetrate this plexiglass, even if the nail penetrates, there will be no cracks on the plexiglass. This kind of PMMA sheet with good quality will not break into pieces after being penetrated by a bullet. Therefore, the stretched plexiglass can be used as bulletproof glass, and also as a cockpit cover on military aircraft.


45-2-PMMA sheet


Easy to process

Plexiglass is very easy to machine in PMMA sheet manufacturers. It can be cut by a lathe and drilled by a drill, and it can be bonded into various shapes. Plexiglass is also called acrylic sheet. It is a thermoplastic material with very good processing properties among plastics. From construction supplies to daily use appliances, such as aquariums, telephone booths, stationery, decorations, etc., are widely used. Moreover, the weight of the acrylic product is still very light, only half of the same volume of glass.



Environmental sustainability

Superior PMMA acrylic sheet will not corrode and is especially suitable for outdoor use. It is also resistant to ultraviolet rays and other environmental factors. PMMA is recyclable and does not contain BPA, making it a safe material.



How is PMMA made?

After heating the plexiglass sheet, it is formed by hot pressing in a mold. The handicraft made by this modeling method has the characteristics of full body, smooth curve, strong three-dimensional effect, and has the effect of relief. The hot pressing mold can be shaped with wood and sludge, and then cast lead and gypsum materials are used as the male and female molds, and the organic glass can be pressed after heating.

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