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How to Order Polycarbonate and Acrylic Sheets From China in Bulk?

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How to Order Polycarbonate and Acrylic Sheets From China in Bulk?

Buying polycarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets directly from the Chinese manufacturers in bulks is often an effective way of saving money. However, even if you’re familiar with platforms like Alibaba or Made in China, it is always challenging to find the right manufacturer and products for your needs.


Without knowing how to qualify and verify the seller and the importing process, you can be easily conned. Lucky you, this article is going to show you everything there is to know about polycarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets import directly from China. All you need to do is keep on reading.


Step One: Determine the product

The first step to order is to determine what products you need and your requirements for this product. But that’s not all. You need to confirm the quality, design, features, colors, and other features of products to give the manufacturer a clear idea of what you want. If you need transparent plastic for your windows, you need to specify which plastic, acrylic sheet or polycarbonate you want for your windows, and the thickness and colors of it.


Step Two: Find out the import rules

After finalizing the product, you need to check the import rules and regulations regarding your product in your country. Generally, items related to food, drugs, or weapons have more restrictions. It is very necessary to do this as one item may be allowed in one country and banned in another.


Step Three: Find The Right Supplier/Manufacturer

Finding a manufacturer isn’t hard. You can find manufacturers on google any time. The difficult part is to select a reliable manufacturer. There are some steps on how to the legitimacy of your supplier.


First, check their certificates and associations.

Second, Verify their phone number and office/production plant.

And exchange documents through email so you have to proof of all important things.

Read customer views and cooperative partners.
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Step Four: Ensure The Product Quality

Now, you have a manufacturer that is reliable and can deliver the product that you need. What you should do is to ask for a sample of your desired product from the manufacturer. And most of them, including Saining, will happily provide you with this.


Examine the sample after you get it or ask an expert for help. If you are satisfied with the sample, you can then place an order; if not, you can notify the supplier for negotiation or find another supplier.



Step Five: Discuss the detail

Discuss and communicate with your supplier and ensure you’re both on the same page. There are many things that both parties have to be agreed on before production, during production, after production and during shipment. These factors need to be agreed on to prevent later arguments. Price including shipping price, delivery time, number of products, package, and installation are extremely important.


Step Six: Logistic Issue

3 most important factors to consider about shipping:

Shipping method (road/air/sea);

Lead time;

Shipping cost;

Six Things To Avoid When Ordering From China

Don’t always look for the cheapest supplier. Look for the best supplier at a reasonable price;

Don’t place an order before you’re completely satisfied with your supplier’s communication, terms, quality, and credibility;

Don’t order a large amount at your first order. Try with small orders  and gradually increase the volume;

Don’t get intimidated by your vendor and transfer money without trade assurance at the beginning stage. Once you’ve built a relationship with them, you can choose other ways;

Don’t rush into anything by assuming. Be sure about everything by asking and verifying;

Don’t do business with an intermediary. While verifying the company, make sure that they are real manufacturers and not middlemen;


Why do you need to import directly from China?

Low price

Complete after-sales services

A variety of choices


High quality



If you need quality polycarbonate sheet at a reasonable price, you can freely contact us, and we will personally assist you with your order, making sure you get a smooth and pleasant experience working with us.




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