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How to sand and polish acrylic sheet?

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How to sand and polish acrylic sheet?


No matter what method you use to cut the polycarbonate acrylic sheet, and how carefully you cut, the edges still need polishing. Before we jump into the details, there are something you should watch out for. The cleaner you cut, the less force you need to grind. Polishing the edges is not a difficult task, but keep in mind that the wrong workmanship or tools can seriously damage the sheet. Also, it is very difficult to glue polished edges together. So, if you need to glue them together, don't polish the edges.



The way to sand acrylic sheet

When you have a piece of pmma sheet from pmma sheet manufacturers and want to polish its edge, the next thing you need to do is sandblast. Sand blasting is the process of removing surface deposits by applying fine glass beads under high pressure without damaging the surface. But for the plexiglass panels, it just helps to get the frosted surface. Like polycarbonate panels, acrylic sheets can be sandblasted, how to sandblast it?


First and foremost, make sure you use clumps or any other method to keep the acrylic pmma sheets in place.


Second, get rough sandpaper, and you probably want to wrap it with some block or wood piece to make the strokes easier for you. Then you have to sand the edge in long strokes.


Third, when you make it smoother than before, get finer sandpaper and repeat this process with the long strokes.


As I said earlier, the cleaner the cut, the less time and effort it will be needed. So, we could not tell you the exact time it’ll need to have a smooth edge. However, you have to continue this process until you have a rough matt finish.


54.polycarbonate panels

The way to polish acrylic sheet

When you've properly polished the edges, it's time to start polishing. To do this, you need a clean rag and some detergent or polishing material. There are a variety of polishing materials on the market specifically designed for plastic products. Now, all you need to do is put some paste cleaner on the cloth. Then start to polish the edges with small brush strokes. Continue the process until the edges are smooth and polished. Alternatively, you can use a hand drill to polish the edges, making the process more comfortable and faster than the above process. To use this tool, you must start at a low speed and apply slight pressure to the edges. Don't be too eager to speed up the process, and don't apply more pressure, or you'll damage the paper. You need to check the results immediately and then adjust the speed of the bit or the speed of movement. If you have never polished with a drill before, we recommend that you try to practice with at least one or two sheets of paper before getting into the actual project. This is how you polish the rough edges of a pmma acrylic sheet.



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