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Learn about FRP composites!

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Learn about FRP composites!


Fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) composites have revolutionized manufacturing. In many commercial, industrial and municipal applications, FRP composite panels offer high-end performance at a fraction of the weight and cost of comparable metallic materials. Construction, energy, aerospace and other critical industries are realizing the advantages of FRP composite sheets in producing reliable components.



The basics of FRP composites

A composite is any material made from more than one component material with significantly different properties. The combination of these constituent materials usually produces a product that is stronger, more versatile, and more durable than any input material alone. FRP sheets composites consist of plastic resins or polymer substrates and fibers.


The fiber can be anything from glass to recycled carpet flooring, depending on the target properties of the material. Resins provide superior support and force transfer between fibers and will remove them from exposure to environmental conditions such as rain, insects, heat, and wind. In turn, the fibers provide the stiffness and structural support for the flexible plastic, giving the composite an incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio.


Fiber reinforced plastic panels composites are also known by other names, such as fiber-reinforced polymer composites, fiber reinforcement composites, and fiber composites—though they all generally refer to the same type of FRP sheet material.



Benefits of FRP composites

There are thousands of composite materials on the market for a variety of uses, from structural parts in buildings to aerospace and spacecraft components. Designers and manufacturers in all industries turn to FRP because of the wide range of benefits it offers.


To be specific, FRP weighs less than most metals, and FRP sheet cost is lower than that of competing materials. Not only that, it is corrosion-resistant, water-resistant, impact-resistant and easy to recycle. Obviously, because of its long service life, workers don't need to do much maintenance after using the material, which is why many FRP sheet manufacturers are willing to produce it.


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Advantages of our FRP composites

Our fiber reinforced plastic sheet is made entirely of recycled plastic and the following materials: post-consumer carpet fibers, rice husks, peanut husks, coconut husks, soybean husks and any man-made or natural fibers. To make this versatile material, we first used a mix of recycled plastics. We then use a patented process to mix these recycled thermoplastics with non-fused fibers (usually nylon or polyester) that are extracted primarily from the lining of the carpet. The composite material is then molded, cooled and cut to meet design specifications. The result is usually gray or slate in color, but at customer request, we may add a colorant the fiber-reinforced plastic to obtain a different pigmentation.



Hangzhou Saining Polycarbonate Sheet Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, a manufacturer that specializes in producing various kinds of high-quality fiber reinforce plastic composite sheets (such as frp sheets home depot and fiberglass reinforced plastic sheet). Available in a broad range of standard and custom colors, let Saining be your one stop plastics center for any brand, shape, or product. We have a proud heritage of customer service and reliability. Our expansive warehouse and manufacturing facility combined with experienced personnel assure that you receive the service and prices that you deserve.



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