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PMMA Acrylic Sheet Red Solid Polycarbonate Panel Hot Sale

1.Good light transmission performance
2.Light weight and impact resistance
3.Sound insulation and flame retardancy
4.Excellent energy saving effect
5.Weather resistance(anti-fog/drop)
6.10 years of quality assurance
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Product Description

-----  Main Products -----

PC panel

A. Product Range
Product Type Thickness Width
1) twin-walls polycarbonate sheet 4-12mm 2100mm
2) triple-walls polycarbonate sheet 8-16mm 2100mm
3) four-walls polycarbonate sheet 8-20mm 2100mm
4) honeycomb polycarbonate sheet 6-11mm 2100mm
5) X-structure polycarbonate sheet 14-30mm 2100mm
6) solid polycarbonate sheet 0.9-8mm 1220mm/1560mm/1820mm/2100mm
(Usually 1220*2440mm, 2050*3000mm)
7) corrugated polycarbonate sheet 0.8-2.5mm Customized
B. Length
No limit(Recommend 5800, 6000, 11800, 12000mm to suit 20'container &40'container).
C. Color
Clear/Transparent, Lake Blue, Green, Blue, Opal, White, Brown/Bronze,Silvery Gray, Red, Yellow, etc.

-----  Application  -----


Indoor Decoration



Railway Station







riot sheild

Riot Sheild





-----  Packaging and Delivery  -----

packaging and delivery

Production Process

Feeding → single screw extruder → hydraulic screen changer → melt metering pump → (with static shunt) distributor → mold → shaping system → primary traction → edge cutting → tempering box → covering protective film → secondary traction → automatic length recording and cutting off → transportation → inspection and packaging

production process of PC sheet

production process of PC sheet

production process of PC sheet

Company Profile


Committed to the development and production of middle- and high-grade PC hollow board, Hangzhou Saining Polycarbonate Sheet Co.,Ltd has introduced advanced double-sided UV co-extrusion production line and high-quality PC raw materials such as Germany Bayer and the United States GE. Our company is one of the few manufacturers in the industry that can detect UV co-extrusion layer thickness. Our products have passed the world famous British testing certification (BMTRADA, UKAS0120)---ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification and our company has passed the inspection of the national construction center. In addition, we also have an independent import and export right and SGS certification.

-----  Factory  -----

-----  Sustainable Development  -----


Hangzhou Saining Polycarbonate Sheet Co.,Ltd

has been marketed since its foundation 

as the manufacturer and saler of middle- and 

high-grade polycarbonate (PC) hollow plate. 

The company take environmental protection 

as the direction of development, highlighting 

the new concept of energy saving and low carbon. 

Our products are made with new imported 

PC materials such as Bayer (Germany) 

and GE (America).

-----  Core Strength  -----


Rich Experience

So far, we have been in the industry for more 

than 20 years. With valuable experience, 

professional quality and technological innovation, 

we have won more than 20 authoritative patent 

certification in European countries and America 

and honorary titles.

Professional Team

We have a professional team who are dedicated 

to developing new products and injecting energy

into our company. 

professional team
50.extruded polycarbonate sheet

High-quality Products

Our polycarbonate is a kind of engineering plastics

with excellent comprehensive performance 

by which it has shown a broad application 

prospect in many fields, and has maintained 

a high growth rate for a long time.

Excellent Services

We provide 24-hour online service to answer your 

questions and complete after-sales services to 

solve all kinds of problems.



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