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Precautions for PC sheet transportation and storage

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Precautions for PC sheet transportation and storage

PC sheet is a kind of environmentally friendly and energy saving plastic sheet with comprehensive performance. Because of its excellent characteristics such as radiation resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high light transmittance, light weight, it is widely used in transportation, construction, agriculture and other fields. It is also used for making canopy of outdoor balcony, sound barrier on the highway, greenhouse roofing, and ecological restaurant. With the prevalence of PC board engineering, great importance has been attached to installation and maintenance of PC sheet, but its transportation and storage are often ignored.

In fact, the transportation and storage of of PC plate plays an important role in its function display. The vast majority of plate damage occurs during transportation or storage. Once the wrong way of transportation or storage is used, the plate will be damaged, which will affect the functional characteristics of the plate. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand the correct transportation and storage mode of PC board.

Transportation Precautions


1) when transporting PC board, we should pay attention not to scratch the board surface and damage the edge.


2) PC sheet shall not be in contact with the corrosive medium. It should be placed horizontally on a solid horizontal tray with a size no less than the PC board surface during transportation and storage.


3) During transportation and site processing, the plates must be firmly fixed on the pallets;


4) Plate can be stacked, with long board at the bottom and and short board at the top;


5) When moving pallets with forklifts, forks should be larger than the plate itself. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the plates.

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Storage precautions
1, Both sides of the plate are covered with protective film. So during installation, the side with UV protective layer should be faced toward the sun. Do not remove the protective film when it is not installed.

2, the plate should be kept in a ventilated and dry room, stacked flat, and avoid direct sunlight and rain. It is strictly prohibited to put it together with the corrosive medium.

3. When storing plate with a protective film, it is necessary to avoid putting the plate in the rain or under the sun for a long time, because water will penetrate into the hole of the hollow plate and long-time exposure in the sun will lead to heat accumulation, softening and melting protective film, making it difficult to peel off.

4, the unpacked plate should be sealed tight.

5, do not put the material with good heat absorption or heat conductivity together with plate as it will accumulate and conduct excessive heat, causing damage to the plate.


6. When the boards is stored in the open air, you should cover the plate with white opaque polyethylene board, cardboard or other heat insulation and rainproof materials.

Only by using the correct transportation and storage mode, can the service life of the plate be extended and the overall quality of the project be guaranteed.

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