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Solid polycarbonate sheet is an updated material for subway screen doors

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Solid polycarbonate sheet is an updated material for subway screen doors

In urban traffic, the subway has gradually become the most convenient means of getting out. Incidents of broken subway screen doors have also occurred more frequently. Investigating the reasons, first of all, the glass used for the screen doors of subway stations is mostly "potassium glass", which is a kind of tempered glass made under high temperature through special chemical treatment. During the manufacture of toughened glass, natural cracking occurs mainly due to the difficulty in completely eliminating impurities and other reasons. In addition to the basic reasons for the material, the temperature difference is also an important reason for the screen door to burst. Finally, the glass burst of the screen door may also be related to the "piston wind" in the subway.

To solve the frequent explosion of subway screen doors, the best way is to change the material. Solid polycarbonate sheet may be a better material than potassium glass, and it has the following characteristics:

1. Stronger impact resistance

The clear solid polycarbonate sheet has super strong impact resistance, the maximum can reach 3kg/cm. The impact strength is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 20-30 times that of acrylic sheet, and 2-20 times that of tempered glass. A few times with a 3kg hammer, there is no crack when falling from two meters. The solid polycarbonate sheet near me has the reputation of "non-breaking glass" and "sounding steel". The fracture resistance also prevents the solid transparent polycarbonate sheet from breaking the toughened glass, which better protects the safety of passengers.

39-2-solid polycarbonate sheet

2. Higher wind pressure resistance

The solid polycarbonate clear sheet has high wind pressure resistance and extremely stable elastic degeneration ability. When installed on a support structure with a larger spacing, it can also withstand large wind loads. The wind pressure resistance performance reaches the first level of the national standard GB/T 7106-2008. The good wind pressure resistance can withstand the wind pressure generated by the passing train and the strong "piston wind", avoid the glass breakage of the screen door caused by the wind pressure, and the pc solid sheet is safer and more reliable.

3. Better weather resistance

In view of the accident of the screen door broken caused by the temperature difference, the good weather resistance of the polycarbonate sheet material can solve this problem. Its long-term use temperature is minus 40 ℃ to high temperature 120 ℃, can withstand greater temperature differences and changes, and can still be used for a long time. It can maintain good physical properties, even if there is a temperature difference between inside and outside, it will not affect the safety of the solid polycarbonate sheet for wall, avoiding the screen door from breaking due to the temperature difference, which is safe and reliable.

4. Good flame retardancy

As the subway platform is a public place, the materials used need to be fire-safe and comply with the relevant regulations on fire safety in public places. According to the national standard GB 8624-2012, the solid small polycarbonate sheet belongs to the flame-retardant B1 level, the ignition point is as high as 580℃, and the multi wall polycarbonate panel self-extinguishes after leaving the open flame. It is a good fireproof material.

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