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Technical development of solid polycarbonate sheet in recent years

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Technical development of solid polycarbonate sheet in recent years

Solid polycarbonate panel is widely used in various building ceilings but the potential of the endurance board is more than that. In response to the requirements of the development of the building materials market, multi-purpose building board is also facing severe challenges. As it continues to enter the home, equipment and other fields, it also means that the corrugated polycarbonate sheet should be more refined of higher quality. Accordingly, the requirements of endurance board manufacturers for molds, production processes and innovation have been improved. Let us take a look at the technical development of solid polycarbonate sheet in recent years.



Features of solid polycarbonate sheet

The strength of solid polycarbonate sheet is hundreds of times stronger than that of reinforced glass and acrylic sheet, with the best toughness, safety, anti-theft and bulletproof effect. According to the actual needs of the site, it can be bent into an arch, a semicircle, etc. This material is light and easy to handle. The weight is only half that of glass. Loading, unloading and installation save time and effort, and construction management is convenient. It has good weather resistance, excellent lighting, long-term resistance to ultraviolet radiation, excellent lighting effect, and can save a lot of energy consumption.


13-1 insulated greenhouse panels


Technological development of PC endurance board in recent years

1. High-end environmental protection transformation

Environmental protection in the building materials industry is becoming more and more popular, and its transformation and upgrading in the direction of high efficiency, environmental protection, green and low carbon is imminent. If endurance board manufacturers want to continue to stand at the top of the enterprise, they need to make efforts and attempts in the structural transformation of greenhouse plastic panels and the high-end board type.



2. Technical transformation

The production technology of endurance board is not complicated. Many panel manufacturers with less mature technology can imitate others. Therefore, it is difficult for many new endurance board manufacturers to develop and produce independently. With the continuous improvement of consumer demand for products, green production has become the development trend of the plastic board industry, and the development of circular economy is the trend of today's social development, and high-performance technologies or products will become a new growth in the development of the industry point. Only by transforming into a base R&D enterprise can a coating company remain invincible.


Polycarbonate corrugated roofing sheets and polycarbonate sheets for greenhouse should meet the needs of market development, gradually improve product quality, and strictly control all aspects of production. We are committed to the innovation of corrugated perspex roofing sheets and insulated greenhouse panels to gain a foothold in the increasingly competitive building materials market.

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