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The application of PC polycarbonate plate in gymnasium

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The application of PC polycarbonate plate in gymnasium

The architectural art is changing with each passing day. With the continuous emergence of new technologies, PC board, a unique thermoplastic engineering material, has gradually replaced traditional building materials due to its unique properties such as high light transmittance, strong fire resistance, flame retardancy, and low cost. It is applied in many areas. This article mainly introduces the application of PC polycarbonate plate in gymnasium.


Domestic stadium application case:

1. Shenzhen Stadium
The Shenzhen Universiade Center marks the official start of the 2011 World University Games. The prismatic outer wall shell is illuminated at night, which undoubtedly displayed the superb light transmittance of the PC sheet, and the scene is magnificent and beautiful.


2. Chongqing Olympic Stadium
The largest gymnasium in western China—Chongqing Gymnasium, uses  PC panel for roof lighting. The outer surface of this type of PC panel incorporates professional coating technology to create water-bearing performance, and at the same time strengthens the load bearing ability and impact resistance of the panel itself.


3. Shanghai Qingpu Gymnasium

The reconstructed gymnasium in Qingpu District of Shanghai uses new PC materials, new technologies and new construction methods in a reasonable and ingenious manner, and adopts an original woven exterior wall, which not only ensures the natural lighting effect inside the building, but also creates a unique building Image!

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The advantages of PC as a material for the gymnasium:

1. The variability of the shape: you can design the shape of high quality PC sheet by yourself due to the variability of the shape of sheet.


2. Changeable color of the PC material: The color of the PC material is changeable, which helps to show the space atmosphere in the venue and build the sports environment users want.


3. High-tech and fashionable: durable PC sheet is a high-tech and fashionable product that meets the tastes of young people and the public's aesthetics.


4. Environmentally friendly: The materials of PC products are all environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable, which is in line with the development need of the current era.


5. Lightweight and tough: Compared with glass, PC panel is light weight and not easy to break.


Lightweight: It means that the large-area use of this material can greatly reduce the structural load, thereby saving material costs;


Tough: PC board has certain impact resistance, pressure resistance and other properties.


6. Flame retardant: The spontaneous ignition point of PC is 630° (220° for wood), higher than that of wood. And it will not melt and drip when burning, nor will it release toxic gases, so users’ safety are assured.


7. Durable: Anti-ultraviolet coating can be added to the surface of PC board to extend the life of the board.

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