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The status quo of PC sheet industry and related countermeasures

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The status quo of PC sheet industry and related countermeasures

As a material with good comprehensive performance, polycarbonate plastic panel has the characteristics of high impact resistance, good thermal insulation performance, good light transmission, and long service life. Because of this, PC sheet is the fastest growing general engineering plastic in demand. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, many double layer polycarbonate products on the market are not good enough in terms of quality, yellowing and embrittlement are often seen, and the service life is quite short. What caused this situation?



The reason for PC boards short service life

1. Analyzing from the market, this is the result of price orientation. Domestic users have always advocated the principle of "price priority". To make low price PC sheet products, manufacturers inevitably need to reduce production costs to seek profits.


2. In terms of raw materials, some domestic manufacturers use recycled materials for production in order to reduce costs. This has also led to the reduction of the physical properties of the PC sheet products produced, and the impact resistance and light transmission will be affected. In addition, due to lower commodity prices leading to lower profit margins, manufacturers will reduce research and development costs, which leads to a decline in product quality and a lack of additional functional boards that can directly meet user needs.


10-1 PC board


How to promote faster development of the PC sheet industry

In response to this situation, some domestic manufacturers dedicating to building high-end PC sheets in China have begun to reflect and improve. At the beginning of the establishment of the factory, Saining was equipped with a 12,000 square meters static 1000-level, dynamic 10,000-level dust-free workshop, with air shower, high-efficiency air outlets and other equipment readily available, and all production personnel wear clean clothes for production. Such measures have optimized the production environment of Saining's PC board, greatly reduced the amount of dust, and effectively improved the surface flatness and light transmittance of the product.


With a good production environment, how to better plasticize polycarbonate raw materials is also one of the key problems. Saining introduced imported OMIPA and BREYER. We are an equipment manufacturer with more than 60 years of PC sheet production experience, with mature equipment technology, and specially developed for PC sheet production in terms of temperature control. Coupled with the solid rollers used in foreign equipment, the pressure is large enough so that the PC sheet of Saining can be completely plasticized. The high density of the polycarbonate raw material can achieve better impact resistance and light transmittance.


Saining is even stricter on product quality control. Saining has established strict standards from the production line workers to the production process, and has also adopted the measures of quality inspection and sample retention for each batch of products, so that they can be rechecked in the future to control the quality. Saining also deliberately set up a laboratory to develop new PC sheet products. At present, it has developed PC flame-retardant boards, PC+PMMA composite boards, PC light diffusion boards and other functional boards.



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