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Twin-wall Vs Multi-wall Sheet

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Twin-wall Vs Multi-wall Sheet

Twin wall and multi-wall sheet are both polycarbonate sheets. However, they are used for different purposes. So if you want to find the suitable PC sheet, you should first get to know their differences.


The twin-wall polycarbonate sheet means a double-layered polycarbonate panel, whose interior is connected by plastic materials dividing the interior part into small chambers. The multi-wall polycarbonate refers to a multi-layered polycarbonate panels.


First, you need to decide the desired heat insulation effect and size of the panel. Usually, the twin-wall panel falls into 3 categories:

4mm Polycarbonate Sheet

4mm Polycarbonate Sheet are generally used for greenhouse glazing as it allows 85% light transmission, and has the minimum heat insulation.


6mm Polycarbonate Sheet
6mm Polycarbonate Sheet allows 82 % light transmittance and has better thermal insulation than glass. Moreover, it is durable, tough and unbreakable.


10mm Polycarbonate Sheet

10mm Polycarbonate Sheet has a light transmittance of 80 % and better thermal insulation than 4mm or 6mm multi-wall polycarbonate sheets.


Have you noticed the pattern? As the panel gets thicker, the light transmittance decreases while the thermal insulation strengthens. So you should take this principle into consideration when choosing two-wall PC panels.


Multi-wall polycarbonate panel, like two-wall panels are widely used for carports, greenhouses, skylights, and patio covers. It also comes up in different categories.


41-3-clear plastic roof sheets

16mm Multi-wall polycarbonate sheet
These polycarbonate can be used for greenhouses as they provide excellent thermal insulation, but you also need to know that its light transmission is way less than the twin wall options.


25mm Multi-wall polycarbonate sheet
These are suitable for patio covers and pergolas, gardening roofs for plants that require less sunlight as they allow 62% light transmittance if clear but has exceptions: bronze layered (11%) and opal (28%).


You can also choose a dark-colored multi-wall panel to reduce light transmittance for your plants. Before that, you need to make sure how much light and heat insulation your plants require.


35mm Multi-wall polycarbonate sheet
For the construction of a conservatory, you can use the 35mm multi-wall sheet. It’s much lighter and flexible than glass and is perfect for conservatory. The light transmission is 63%, which means you can rest under this roofing and protect yourself from direct sunlight at the same time.


If you want to do something different to attract or entertain tourists, you might set-up a close area conservatory on sea-sides or hilly areas for people to have a great view and enjoy this unique feature. The roofing and walls of the conservatory can be set-up with multi-wall polycarbonates.


40mm Multi-wall polycarbonate sheet
This is polycarbonate facade panel, the normal colors are clear, opal white.

Saining PC panel has the same outstanding impact resistance in the temperature range of -40℃ ~ +120℃ and in the outdoor long-term exposure as in the normal temperature. Its impact strength is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 30 times that of acrylic plate of the same thickness, and 2-20 times that of tempered glass. It will not crack when stricken by 1 kg hammer or fall from the height of 1 meter. It is reputed as "tempered glass". Contact us for more product information.



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