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Types of acrylic plastic sheet

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Types of acrylic plastic sheet

Cast acrylic sheet

Cast acrylic sheet meets our requirements for transparency and strength. This transparent pmma plastic sheet is lightweight, impact resistant and durable. It can be easily made into any desired shape, comes in many different colors, sizes, thicknesses and finish effects. Also, it is suitable for everything from display cases to windows.



Continuous cast acrylic sheet

Continuous cast acrylic pmma sheet is exceptionally clear and strong. It can be fabricated into just about any shape or size imaginable and comes in many different colors. It offers the benefit of consistent, uniform thickness throughout the entire sheet because of the manufacturing process.



Extruded acrylic sheet

This impact-resistant plastic sheet is three times stronger than most double strength window glass but weighs at least half as much. It works well for display cases, lighting, signage and framing, as well as many other applications. Extruded polycarbonate sheet can be either color tinted or crystal clear, depending on the need, and will not yellow or fade with time.



Sign grade acrylic sheet

Sign grade acrylic sheet is designed to withstand years of outdoor display. It’s significantly stronger than window glass, and up to 10-times stronger than general-purpose acrylic. Sign grade acrylic is behavioral in a wide range of colors and impact blends depending on the goal. It is also an excellent material for light transmission from LEDs and other light sources for retail and hospitality sign applications.


50.extruded polycarbonate sheet 

Marine grade acrylic sheet

Marine grade acrylic sheets are resistant to damage from impact and water exposure. This special pmma acrylic sheet is specifically designed for shipbuilders, so it doesn't break easily when the screws hold the boat together. It comes in a range of colors and can be easily formed into custom parts for shipbuilding.



Acrylic mirror sheet

Acrylic mirror sheet is a lightweight thermoplastic sheet with a reflective surface. Unlike glass mirrors, it is scratch resistant and resists cracking or shattering, so it is safe for applications where traditional mirrors would be too heavy or dangerous. Many schools and other facilities that have children in them are replacing glass mirrors with acrylic mirror sheet to enhance safety.



Acrylic shapes

Technically not plastic pmma sheet, Saining offers a range of extruded acrylic shapes or profiles to help with a wide range of applications. Hinges, rods, tubes, z-bars and w-bars are some examples of the cast acrylic shapes offered. These are durable, can be transparent and are effective for building displays, exhibits and more.



Specialty acrylic sheet

Last but not least, Saining offers specialty polymethyl methacrylate sheet that is lightweight and cost effective as a replacement for glass. Our team will work with you to find the right specialty product, whether it is UV grade, plastic laminate and glass clad, AR grade or something else. Talk to a sales professional about your needs and let us point you to the pc pmma sheet that will fit best with low pmma sheet price.



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