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What affects the light transmittance of PC panel?

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What affects the light transmittance of PC panel?

Polycarbonate sheet since its launch, has been widely used in agricultural greenhouse for building lighting. For agricultural greenhouse, properties such as light transmittance, thermal insulation, impact resistance are the primary concern in the greenhouse project. So what are the main factors affecting the light transmittance of PC sunshine board? And how should we choose sheet of different specifications?

It is worth mentioning that, PC sunshine board transmittance is the most important factor to identify the quality of the plate. Polycarbonate glazing panels of poor quality generally have poor light transmittance, and the plate looks like yellowed, with irregular impurities scattered on the surface. Whereas high quality sunshine plate is more transparent, smooth and clean, which guarantees natural light transmittance. Of course, in addition to the quality of the plate, other factors also affect the light transmittance.


There is no material that has 100% light transmittance. Like general daylighting material, the thicker the clear solid polycarbonate sheet, the lower the transmittance.



Besides, a certain amount of refraction and reflection is bound to happen when passing through the sheet. This process will undoubtedly reduce the light pass rate, so under the same conditions, the more complex the sheet, the lower the light transmittance.


PC sunshine board with color, even if it is transparent, will affect the transmittance of the plate to a certain extent.


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Raw materials

The influence of raw materials is easier to understand, PC sunshine board is made of melted PC polycarbonate particles through heating extrusion and molding. So the transmittance of PC raw material directly affects the that of the finished product. Although PC material has a very long service life, after a long time of outdoor use, it will slowly age and yellow, and inferior plate is mostly made of recycled materials. So low quality polycarbonate particles will inevitably seriously affect the transmittance of PC sunshine board.

With the popularization of red polycarbonate sheet, more and more people start using it for decoration. Although it is convenient, some problems just cant be avoided. When there is a heavy rain, and the rain falls on sheet, large noises can be produces, which is annoying especially at night. Many owners, in order to reduce the noise produced by the sun plate, cover the sheet with old clothes, thin blankets, sponges and other objects to reduce noise. Although this approach is quite effective, it reduces the light transmittance, and limits the balcony lighting effect. Moreover, covering and removing cloth is quite cumbersome. So are there any good way to solve the problem once and for all?

When installing the plate, if there is air conditioning or water tank above, it is necessary to change the flow of water. Do not let the water of air conditioning or water tank directly fall on the plate. This will prevent noise problem when it is not raining.

In order to reduce the noise produced by the rain, when installing plate, reduce the angle of the plate and the wall as much as possible, so that when the rain drops fall, the contact surface is reduced, thus greatly decreasing the noise.

If the polycarbonate crystal sheet has already been installed, and there is no budget to dismantle and re-install, there is a remedy, that is, to close the room to the balcony door and window to stop the transmission of noises. Of course, if the balcony lighting is not affected, you can also spread a layer of thin blanket or sponge on the plate, why can effectively reduce the noise.

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