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What affects the price of PC boards?

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What affects the price of PC boards?

PC hollow board is a more common type of PC board. The transparent hollow board is used as the cover material of the greenhouse, and can be used for the installation and construction of the carport canopy at home. In addition, it is also a suitable material for lighting in engineering buildings. Synthetic glass polycarbonate has also become the choice of most consumers. What is the price of polycarbonate corrugated sheet? What are the factors that affect the price of hollow polycarbonate sheet?



How much does the sun board cost per square meter

1. The first thing to look at is the thickness of polycarbonate panels. Generally, high-priced solar panels have a multi-layer structure, which can guarantee a thickness of 4mm to 20mm or even thicker, divided into two layers, three layers, and four layers. There are several types, so its price is very different. If the demand is large, it is best to choose a reliable polycarbonate roof sheet manufacturer, so the quality can be guaranteed.


2. Secondly, we also need to look at the quality, that is, whether the common raw materials are new or recycled. Generally, the new material is of good flexibility, and it takes a long time to break when folded with force. If some recycled materials are added, the color tone will be It's black, and the board is very crisp, and it breaks easily and can't be folded twice.


3. It depends on whether there is a UV coating on the surface of the clear polycarbonate sheet, which is a professional anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging coating. The hollow board is produced and processed by the co-extrusion process of anti-ultraviolet UV layer and PC raw materials, so as to improve the reliability of the product against ultraviolet radiation. It prevents discoloration due to aging and dissolution and reduces its transmittance and extends service life to more than 10 years.


4. When choosing 6mm polycarbonate sheet or 3mm polycarbonate sheet, we suggest that you buy PC solar panels use imported raw materials. The manufactured solar panels will not turn yellow in use and have high light transmittance. The reason that many raw materials cheap is that they are domestic materials or recycled materials. Depending on the price of the pigment, the quality is quite different, and so is the price.


11-1 3mm polycarbonate sheet


What is the price of general PC sun panels on the market

1. The price of cheap polycarbonate sheets with poor quality: price increases by thickness, about 10 yuan -40 yuan per square meter per square meter.


2. The price of a solid polycarbonate sheet with a medium-to-high quality: price grows with thickness, about 30-80 yuan per square meter per square meter.


3. The price of a high-quality polycarbonate hollow sheet is about 40-300 yuan per square meter per square meter.



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