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What are the precautions for using hollow polycarbonate sheet?

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What are the precautions for using hollow polycarbonate sheet?

The hollow polycarbonate sheet integrates lighting transmittance, heat preservation, and sound insulation in one. It can shade and block rain, as well as heat and transmit light. It can be used for greenhouses, furniture canopies, office sound insulation, outdoor advertising light boxes, and so on. In addition to the supporting structure, large transparent light-emitting houses made of pure polycarbonate have even appeared abroad. When the sun shines, they are crystal clear and warm and pleasant. What are the precautions for using frosted polycarbonate sheet and polycarbonate flat sheets? Let us look at it together.



Sunshine board sealing technology

The original tape on the sun board is only used to temporarily protect the edge of the board and is not resistant to aging. In the installation project, cut the board according to the size, and after cutting the material, you must use the engineering special tape to seal the hole of the board according to the requirements of the installation regulations, and replace the original tape. The special adhesive tape for installation engineering should have good weather resistance and will not lose its cohesiveness and mechanical strength after long-term use. During the installation operation, pay attention to the following points when sticking tape:

(1) Ensure that the edges of the board are smooth.

(2) To blow all holes clean, the compressed air must be dry without any impurities.

(3) Ensure that the tape is completely covered with profile, metal cover, and U-shaped protective groove at the end. After installation, there should be no exposed parts.



How to clean transparent polycarbonate sheet

(1) When cleaning, it must be rinsed with warm water below 60°C.

(2) Neutral detergents should be used for cleaning, and detergents that are corrosive to the sun board ought not to be used.

(3) It is required to wipe gently with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in neutral liquid. Do not use coarse cloth, brushes, mops and other hard and sharp tools for cleaning.



Cold bending requirements of sunshine board

The biggest feature of the hollow solar panel is that it can be cold-bent into an arch with different bending radii along the direction of the ribs, which not only increases the lighting area, but also meets the bending requirements of architectural art design. Moreover, the load-bearing capacity of the board is improved, which is beyond the reach of ordinary glass. The correct direction in which the sheet is allowed to bend is to avoid cracking on the exposed side.


20-1 polymethyl methacrylate sheet 

Sunshine board storage and transportation

(1) Keep it indoors, and never in direct sunlight or rain;

(2) Stack by hand, and the stack height should not exceed two meters. No heavy objects shall be placed on the clear polycarbonate panels, and no hard objects shall be placed between the boards;

(3) The storage room must be kept clean and dry to avoid dust intrusion. No other chemical substances should be stored in the room at the same time;

(4) During storage, the protective film shall not be damaged or removed;

(5) During transportation, it must be laid flat on a clean flat pallet with an area larger than that of the board. If necessary, it should be properly tied to prevent vibration and sliding. Pay attention to protect the board edge from damage and keep the double-sided protective film intact;



What are the precautions for the use of aluminium alloy sheet and polymethyl methacrylate sheet? Welcome to tell us your answer in the comment section below.

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