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What are the types of hollow polycarbonate sheet?

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What are the types of hollow polycarbonate sheet?

Hollow polycarbonate sheet is a very common term for everyone, but in fact, hollow polycarbonate sheet is a large collection, and there are many types of hollow polycarbonate sheets. Today, I will tell you about the types of hollow polycarbonate sheets.



Classification of hollow polycarbonate sheet

1. Rectangular hollow polycarbonate sheet is the most commonly used shape of the solar panel. It got its name because its internal structure is rectangular. Rectangular solar panels, is generally 4-12mm thick, generally used in some temporary solar rooms, rain-proof eaves and other places where the requirements for the strength of the panel is not very high;


Panel of medium thickness is a three-layer rectangular solar panel with a general thickness of 6-25mm. It is usually used in greenhouses in the central area where the environment is not very harsh. Its thickness can withstand the general rain and snow weather, and at the same time has a good insulation effect.


2. Honeycomb hollow polycarbonate sheet: the internal structure is like honeycomb shape, so it is called honeycomb solar panel. Compared with the rectangular solar panels, the strength of this kind of solar panels is higher. The thickness is generally 4-35mm. In the solar panels, it is a mid-range panel and is generally used for the roofs of commercial squares and industrial parks. The aesthetic effect of this kind of board is better than that of rectangular sunshine board.


15-1 polycarbonate sheets

3. Rhombus hollow polycarbonate sheet: the internal structure is like a rhombus. The strength of honeycomb panel is similar to honeycomb solar panel, and the thickness is generally 4-35mm. It is a mid-range solar panel used for ceilings such as commercial squares, factories, stadiums.


4. U-shaped lock hollow polycarbonate sheet: referred to as the lock plate, the internal structure is also rectangular. The two sun panels are linked by a stainless steel card slot and a PC material U-shaped card strip like a lock, so it is called U-shaped locking sun panels. This kind of sun panels are generally used in government projects and high-end buildings. There are currently several thicknesses choices on the market( 8 mm, 10 mm, 18 mm and 20 mm).


5. PC hollow corrugated board: as the name suggests, the characteristic of this kind of sunshine board is wavy shape. It is divided into 40 type, 44 type, 80 type, 86 type according to the impassable wave height. It is widely used in factory buildings and with light weight, it reduces the load of the building.



The above 5 types of solar panels can be customized according to customers needs. If you are not sure how to choose the type of solar panel, you can consult the manufacturer. Some of the particularity of the solar panel or the particular use of the solar panel will be different with type. When deciding whether or not to use a certain type of solar panel, consumers should clearly explain their purpose to the merchant, so that they can recommend a more suitable solar panel. When you are purchasing polycarbonate acrylic sheet or clear shed roof panels, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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