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What can Hangzhou Saining Polycarbonate Sheet Co.,Ltd offer?

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What can Hangzhou Saining Polycarbonate Sheet Co.,Ltd offer?

Customization Process

Demands Communication → Negotiation → Sample Providing → Color Quality Control [customer confirms the color of raw materials and products → Color Development (customize color) → color design]→ Confirmation of Specification, Size, Quality Assurance (width ≤2100mm, custom length ) → Confirmation → Mass Production → Packaging and Delivery → Installation Guidance → After-sales Service

Saining Distributor Policy

1. Professional Training: Saining regularly provides agents with product knowledge, sales skills, after-sales service and other professional training.

2. Eye-catching Decoration: The company unifies store design and provide decoration plans, to achieve a unified brand image.

3. Big Promotion: We provide for agents free promotional gifts such as product pamphlets, brochures, samples, etc.

4. Advertising support: The agent is able to deliver multi-channel online advertising according to market demand; attend greenhouse flower show, horticulture show, etc.; get print ads, pamphlets, brochures, posters.

5. Product Quality Assurance: We provide ten years of quality assurance certificate, to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality.

6. Standard Marketing Strategy: The corporate headquarters sends a marketing manager to the local to give advertising courses and training and customize marketing strategy according to local market demand.

7. Complete Logistics System: Saining have a strong logistics distribution system that supports one-stop supply.

8. Regional protection: Only one Agent is recruited in one city, to ensure the exclusivity of the region.

9. Cash Rebate: The agent company will be given a certain proportion of the cash rebate after reaching the signed task amount.

10. Shared Customer Resource: Our agents is entitled to the customer resources gained on company website and exhibitions.


6 polycarbonate panel for sale

Process Flow

Basic production process of the product: feeding → single screw extruder → hydraulic screen changer → melt metering pump → (with static shunt) distributor → mold → shaping system → primary traction → edge cutting → tempering box → covering protective film → secondary traction → automatic length recording and cutting off → transportation → inspection and packaging



Located in Hebei Province, Handan Zhongtian Greenhouse Processing Plant is a large greenhouse processing plant. The greenhouse is mainly constructed by our company's 8mm transparent PC board, which has light transmittance as high as 92%, and good lighting, facilitating the photosynthesis of the plants. The company purchased 1457 square meters of PC board from our company.


Covering an area of 50 acres, Qingdao Blue Sky Greenhouse Co., LTD is one of the earliest professional companies engaged in manufacturing environmental protection equipment, solar greenhouse, arch greenhouse, and intelligent greenhouse. The company mainly uses our company's 8mm transparent PC board, which has light transmittance as high as 92%, and good lighting, facilitating the photosynthesis of the plants. The company purchased 12158 square meters of PC board from our company.


Located in Chengyang District, Qingdao, Flower World is one of the largest flower markets in Qingdao. It is located in the north of Qingdao city, adjacent to Laoshan District in the east, Licang District in the south, Jiaozhou Bay and Jiaozhou City in the west, and Jimo District in the north. It has a temperate monsoon climate, which is suitable for the cultivation of flowers. With a total area of 553.2 square kilometers, it has jurisdiction over 6 streets. With good lighting effect, high light transmittance, high cost performance, and excellent after-sales service, our products are widely used in the construction of the project.


Xiamen Green Square Ecological Restaurant

PC plate ecological restaurant is generally made of PC hollow plate or PC solid plate as the covering material, which has wonderful heat preservation and light transmission effect. It rose as a new type of food in recent years due to people’s pursuit of a healthy diet and yearning for the pastoral scenery. Compared with the traditional restaurants, PC board ecological restaurant pays more attention to the harmony of man and nature, and the balance of people and the environment. Through the integration of modern intelligent greenhouse and natural landscape, it builds a comfortable, green, and healthy dining environment.


Sports Venues

With excellent dimensional stability, impact resistance, heat preservation and, aging resistance, PC board has been successfully applied in the construction of many international stadium. The stands and walls built with polycarbonate are of high transparency, thereby ensuring adequate sunlight and minimizing the support structure.


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