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What’s the difference between vinyl panel and FRP panels?

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What’s the difference between vinyl panel and FRP panels?


When installing interior walls in any residential or commercial building installation, the use of wall panels is considered the most convenient option. The wall panels are made of several different materials, such as plastic, tile, metal or wood. For buildings with humid environments and high humidity, due to their durability and water resistance, the most common solution is to use plastic wall panels.


We will compare two top-rated and common plastic wall panel solutions – FRP (fiber reinforced plastics) sheets and vinyl panels. You will know why vinyl, also known as PVC panels, is considered to be the wall panel of choice.




To install FRP plain sheets, you need pre-installed support panels, which can be plasterboard, plywood, or any similar substrate. Once the liner is ready, the adhesive must be carefully applied to the panel and added to the walls, and this is not possible without two trained workers. Between each plain FRP sheet, there must be a gap so that decorative strips can be added. In addition, rivets and fasteners must be added to secure the adhesive. As a result, you can see that the installation process is not only tedious and tricky, but also expensive.


On the other hand, installation of vinyl panels is easy and simple. Installation can be done mechanically with screws into the studs instead of adhesives. To guide the spacing between screws, the panels come with perforated flanges. Once you have successfully screwed in the 1st side of the panel, the other hand smoothly interlocks with the next. There is no need for a backer or adhesive, and only one person can install the panels.


58.FRP sheet 


It is important to note that the choice of waterproof material for paneling is critical. Vinyl panels are considered ideal for wet environments due to interlocking technology. Water vapor can easily penetrate the decorative strips between the fiber reinforced plastic panels, even though the panels are still waterproof.



Moisture resistance

Corrugated FRP wall panels absorb excess moisture and moisture from outside. This can pose a threat as too much humidity results in the growth of mold, and you wouldn’t want to mold growing inside your home, restaurant kitchen, or any other building facility. Since the PVC panels are resistant to moisture, they are a perfect choice for paneling.




Cost is one of the most important considerations when it comes to paneling. Of course, you don't want the price to be too high. However, as mentioned earlier, two workers are required to install the FRP plastic panels, as well as the additional material required for successful installation, which leads to a high price. In the long run, PVC panels generally cost less than FRP. After a few years, the FRP sheet will flake off and need to be replaced, while the vinyl stays the same. Therefore, there is no doubt that PVC panels are a better alternative to FRP panels.



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