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Why Polycarbonate Sheet Is Used For Riot Shield

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Why Polycarbonate Sheet Is Used For Riot Shield

Youve probably seen in news reports the riot shield used by police and military persons, which is heavy, strong and able to protect people from attacks. But have you noticed that it is made of polycarbonate? This article mainly introduces some common knowledge about PC protection shields and its benefits.


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Evolution of Protection Shield

We humankind have tried many materials for protection shield. In ancient times, military organizations used metals to make protection shields. But as you can imagine, they were really heavy and it was extremely difficult to walk with them for a long time.


Of course, we have also tried woods, but they are just too delicate to withstand the strong exterior force.


After that, we turned our eye into plastic. Tough and flexible, polycarbonate plastics win the game. Moreover, its transparency gives a massive advantage to the user.

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Benefits of Polycarbonate Protection Shield

Compared with metal shield, polycarbonate shield is much cheaper. For one thing, the material itself is cheaper, for another, the material is generally purchased in bulk.



For riot shields, strength is the most important factor to be considered.

Polycarbonate is said to be a virtually unbreakable plastic material which is almost 250 times stronger than glass and can withstand extreme rough weather conditions and high impacts.



The problem with wood and metal is that you can’t see through. When lifting the shield, users would get blinded, which raises the risk of being attacked.


Luckily, with polycarbonate shields, the problem is solved. Polycarbonate offers very clear transparency so you can look through it while blocking the attacks or front side of your body.


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