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Why aluminum patio enclosure is an ideal choice for outdoor pools?

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Why aluminum patio enclosure is an ideal choice for outdoor pools?


Aluminum alloy sheet nowadays can create a clear structure for each home. It effectively protects the swimming pool from harsh environmental conditions which may include snow, cold weather, strong winds, acid rain, or harmful ultraviolet radiation. Actually, the choice of materials here plays an important role, which is evident in the swimming pool enclosure manufacturing process. You need to get good quality materials that can withstand all these environmental conditions. Quite a number of homeowners in the past have been weighing the options between wood and aluminum as the primary material for the patio envelope. Of course, they also use polycarbonate panels as a glazing material.


In fact, for patio enclosures, aluminum is ideal for this task, and you'll find that most people refer to this device as an aluminum patio fence. Well, going for aluminum alloy sheet metal and solid polycarbonate sheets is not by chance: their superior physical and chemical properties make them ideal for outdoor swimming pools.



100% maintenance free

There is no doubt that every homeowner would like to spend more time in the pool and spending a lot of time cleaning the pool fence is not in their plans. Because aluminum is a tough metal that can withstand harsh weather conditions, aluminum yard fences require minimal maintenance throughout their life. As a result, you'll be saving a reasonable amount at the end of the day. Keep in mind that the device will remain in good working condition for more than 25 years. The bottom line is, the frequency of maintenance is quite low as compared to wood patio enclosures.


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Weather resistant

Aluminum swimming pool structure does not rot, corrode, or peel off and that is another reason why we recommend you choose aluminum. In most cases you will find other materials such as wood rotting or iron bars rusting which will definitely increase swimming pool enclosure of operation. However, marine aluminum plate will not be affected by extreme weather conditions such as moisture.



Operational costs and expenses

The patio pool enclosure will reduce the operational costs of a swimming pool. As we all know, outdoor swimming pools are exposed to a wide range of harsh weather conditions. To reduce operational costs, the first thing you can do is using UV polycarbonate sheet to treat swimming pool water. This is because UV light breaks down the water chemicals in the pool, resulting in an imbalance in pH. In this case, the swimming pool environment will not be conducive to swimming. In addition to this, snow or rainwater will also dilute the chemical concentration. This is why we advise pool owners to have polycarbonate transparent roofing sheets that act as a barrier to these external interferences.


Besides, you have no option but, to heat swimming pool to make it comfortable during winter. However, when you heat swimming pool water more frequently, there is a likelihood that you will spend a lot of money – energy costs. Transparent polycarbonate roof sheet is a good insulator; thus, it will prevent heat loss. This implies, it will trap heat within the swimming pool environment, keeping the water warm during winter or at night.



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