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Why are plastic materials replacing glass materials?

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Why are plastic materials replacing glass materials?

We have used glass for a long time, even centuries. But in recent years, we have found that more and more plastics are replacing glass. Common plastic plates, acrylic plates and polycarbonate plates on the market can be manufactured into different types according to different functions. These plastic plates are used to replace glass in most fields. Let's take a look at the industries in which plastic materials are replacing glass materials.



Public places

One of the earliest places that plastics are widely used is in public places. You can see digital billboards, store showcases, mirrors in fashion houses-all made of plastic. Why do people put their property and public health at risk by installing glass materials that is easy to break?


Common glass may perform well for common purposes, but some  cannot withstand strong shocks, or even slight shocks. When it breaks, it will shatter into a million pieces, which may cause you troubles and headaches.


14-1 solid polycarbonate sheet



We used to have doors, windows, and mirrors made of glass in our homes. Now, almost all the aforementioned products can be found in plastic. Compared with glass, the service life of plastic materials is significantly longer. A plastic material can be used for a long time, and you don’t have to worry about replacing it every year.


Another good reason is that we have always wanted to provide safer options for our houses. Especially when you have children at home, you don't want the windows to break when hit by a ball. After all, this may cause harm to your child. A large number of children are still injured by broken glass pieces every year.



Industrial Field

Glass material is not the choice of factory or even commercial premises. In manufacturing plants, plastic is used for skylights and windows. The reason is obvious. Plastic materials have better light transmission and UV resistance than glass, making them very suitable for industrial use.


In addition, the company does not like to risk the use of glass materials. Since many people are working at the same time, any glass breaking accident may cause serious injury. Long service life and cost-effectiveness of plastic materials are also important. Some plastics are more expensive than glass, and because of their longer service life, they can outperform glass.




Plastic is one of the best choices for agricultural projects, especially in greenhouses. Farmers use greenhouses to provide the right amount of warmth and temperature. Hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet are the first choices of farmers on this issue.


Farmers cannot afford to rebuild the greenhouse every year or twice a year. They need something that can be used for a long time. Polycarbonate sheet is the perfect choice. These plastics are 250 times stronger than glass and can withstand any weather conditions or disasters. They are easy to clean, anti-ultraviolet, have high strength, and good light transmittance, making them the first choice for global greenhouses.



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