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Why polycarbonate is the perfect material for office partition

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Why polycarbonate is the perfect material for office partition

In large companies, staff of different departments need separate office rooms to think better, and office partitions come into being. In addition to realizing the division in space, office partitions also need to meet a variety of requirements including privacy, shape, safety, and heat preservation. In the past, people usually chose cement, glass, etc. as office partition materials. However, in recent years, more and more people have adopted Polycarbonate as office partition materials due to its high performance.

It weighs only half of glass, saving the cost of transportation, loading and unloading, installation and supporting frame. Saining multi-layer panel is an ideal substitute for traditional lighting materials. It is safe, easy to operate, cut and install and tough. Compared with 6mm toughened glass, 10mm thick Saining multi-layer panel are 85% lighter in weight.



To ensure good conditions for work, sufficient light is very important. Bright light helps people stay awake. The high light transmittance of PC panels can keep the office staying bright and people from getting oppressive feeling that man often feel in enclosed spaces. Moreover, due to the special internal structure of the PC panel, the transparent PC panel partition can obscure the portrait. This way, whether it is used as a partition for meeting room or an independent office, people outside can observe the working state of the people inside while no disturb will be caused. It can also ensure that the content of the meeting will not be leaked, and effectively protect privacy.


As an interior decoration material, partition need to be safe. Saining multi-layer panel has good fire-proof performance. Confirmed by the national standard GB50222-95, PC board is B1 level, Class 1 flame retardant. The ignition point of PC sheet is 580 ℃, and it extinguishes right after being deviated from fire. It produces no toxic gases when burning, and will not promote the spread of the fire.


With dust-free workshops and a number of imported production lines, high-end technology, and experienced production team, Saining is able to customize PC sheet according to your need and provide you with professional solutions. If you are interested in PC panels, please contact us. 

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