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Advantages of polycarbonate siding

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Advantages of polycarbonate siding

What is polycarbonate siding

Polycarbonate siding or polycarbonate twin wall plastic is a multi-wall extruded polymer plastic that has been specially designed for better strength, durability and performance.


If you still want to learn more about this amazing plastic type, feel free to visit our website to find other informative and interesting topics about this material. You may want to know the difference between polycarbonate twinwall and multi wall polycarbonate.


But for now, let's focus on the advantages of polycarbonate siding. First, we'll look at how polycarbonate exterior siding can fit for your roof or any other use.



The benefits of polycarbonate siding

You already know that this plastic is impressive and offers exceptional value to its users. But what makes it so popular and beloved by buyers? Let's take a look at some of the main benefits of using this polycarbonate plastic sheet and why it's so famous.



Impact resistant

Even a standard polycarbonate panel is much stronger than most other plastics and glass. And, if we're talking about polycarbonate twin wall sheet, keep in mind that this plastic has been carefully designed for better strength and performance.


If your roof is frequently subjected to strong impact, then you will need to use twin polycarbonate sheets to improve impact resistance. Of course, the monolithic polycarbonate will protect you from high sound effects and slamming.


However, for safety and better durability on the roof, you need to have polycarbonate siding.


86.polycarbonate twin wall sheet 

Better light transmittance and UV protection

This kind of plastic gives you amazing light transmittance relative to its thickness. Polycarbonate siding can provide up to 80% light transmittance, which is impressive considering its performance.


The best part is the UV protection it provides. You'll get 100% UV protection while gaining incredible light transmittance and durability, which is why double-walled polycarbonate is an excellent choice for home and especially industrial uses.



The light

Compared to its properties, double-walled polycarbonate is very light and easy to handle. Despite its extremely high strength and performance, there is no difficulty in installing it yourself. The lightweight nature also saves on transportation and installation costs. On the other hand, when you choose glass for a roof or greenhouse, you need to spend more money on transportation and installation. Most importantly, there is always a risk of damage to the glass material on the road or during installation.



Durable with weather resistant

Twin wall polycarbonate is an extremely weather-resistant material and can save you from almost any kind of weather impacts and calamities. Including floods, heavy rains, cyclones, or other incidents can hardly harm polycarbonate sidings’ resistance. So, if your roofing panel or greenhouse is often exposed to the weather, make sure you’re making the right decision by going with this material.


Also, if you're like me, you don't want to replace roof panels every six months or a year. When you invest in roof panels for greenhouses, you absolutely want them to last longer. That's why this plastic can be an absolutely right choice for your needs. The average polycarbonate sheet can last up to 10 years, while the double-wall polycarbonate has even more durable and long-lasting properties.



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