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How To Prevent Solar Panel Turn Yellow?

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How To Prevent Solar Panel Turn Yellow?

After using it for two years, you may discover that the PC endurance board has become yellow and brittle. But you dont know why it becomes like this. If you want to replace it with new twin wall polycarbonate panels, the costs will be a huge amount of money. Thus, if you use it flexibly and properly, the PC endurance board of polycarbonate roof panels 12 ft with this kind of problem will be diminished.


There is no doubt that if you want to avoid the board to turning yellow, you should figure out the reasons why it becomes yellow. So, the reason for the phenomenon of polycarbonate greenhouse panels b&q sunlight board and PC endurance board may be the time or the external environment.


The first solution is that you have got to solve the problem from the root cause, which means you should choose a PC endurance board of polycarbonate roof panels with longer service life and a higher price. Just like shopping, you can buy it for the price it deserves. If you buy a PC endurance board of clear polycarbonate roof panels with higher service life, there is no doubt that the price is also very high. Whereas, its quality should be guaranteed better than other PC endurance boards. Therefore, the likelihood of yellowing and embrittlement will be lower. You should find a famous company which is renowned for its products like polycarbonate wall panel. There is a prestigious enterprise which is good at producing high-quality products such as polycarbonate Spanish tile roof panel. There has been a new type of excellent materials widely used in the world which is also widely used in building decoration, light shed, and lighting. And advertising and other industries are the ideal light shed materials in the current market.


The second way to avoid the gradient color of the PC endurance board is equipped with UV coating with the help of unique processing technology. This kind of coating can not only prevent PC sunshine board of polycarbonate corrugated roof panel from becoming brittle and yellow but also has the function of anti-dripping and shielding ultraviolet. It is beneficial for PC sunshine board with UV coating to be planted or fed under PC sunshine board as the UV coating has a two-sided coating or single and double-sided coating, The more double-layer the natural coating is, the more useful it can avoid embrittlement and yellowing is.


The third way to avoid the gradient of PC endurance board is that consumers must pay more attention to installing polycarbonate roof panels. A great deal of customers do not care about the direction of the PC endurance board without UV coating towards the sun during the whole installation process, which usually leads to the more rapid embrittlement and yellowing of the PC endurance board. So after consumers purchase the PC endurance board, they must supervise the installation of the PC endurance board.


It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in production and sales. It mainly produces polycarbonate PC endurance board and PC sunshine board of polycarbonate storm panels. As a manufacturer of PC sunshine board and endurance board, we will try our best to illustrate all kinds of problems caused by the whole installation process of PC endurance board and sunshine board.

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