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How To Process The PC Sheets

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How To Process The PC Sheets

Recently, polycarbonate hollow sheet has been widely used in daily life, large shopping malls, and middle-sized workplace. So it is convenient for you to master the processing mode of the transparent polycarbonate sheet so as to decide how to process it. Now, you can learn common processing ways.



1. PC sheet film cutting



This processing process can be sheer cutting of 5mm polycarbonate sheet. When it is inconvenient, molds must be used. It commonly suggests that if the customers having a slice below 1.0m, they must cut slices in large quantities. Also, they should pay attention to that the customized grinding tools can not be used endlessly. The molds become useless and dull after a long time of film cutting, which may result in that the edge of the cut commodity is rough. Therefore, it should be considered more than twice before selecting this processing technology.


2. PC endurance plate stamping



The stamping process of high-speed punch has the same limitation on the thickness of the physical Makrolon polycarbonate sheet. Usually, the frosted polycarbonate sheet within 1.5mm can be used.3mm or even thicker physical plate can be pressed but it is hard to ensure accuracy, the molds will be removed frequently, thus greatly increasing the cost. Therefore, in such cases, only stamping is most appropriately used for processing.  



3. PC sheet film cutting



This kind of processing technology is mainly for commodities with low processing standards, mainly for the commodities like cheap polycarbonate sheets with low precision standards and commodities without opening holes. Generally speaking, it is prevalent to use precision serration cutting because of the actual operation of human resources so that the processing accuracy is relatively related to the actual operation staff. In most cases, the precision is controlled by about 0.5mm. If the regulation is relatively high, only CNC processing is selected as its precision can be controlled at 0.02, whose edge is fairly smooth and without much defects. However, the price is relatively high but the efficiency is not so high. Therefore, at present, serrated cutting is more popular among industries and customers.

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4. PC endurance board carving



PC endurance board carving is more common, especially after the thin polycarbonate sheet is divided into different categories in the sales market. And then, the improvement of the quality of the commodity appearance has been enhanced. Mostly, the carving process of polycarbonate diffuser sheets can satisfy more needs of clients. Nowadays, many customers will think of the solution of carving processing first, which can greatly save the cost.



5. Sheet metal bending of PC sheets



Sheet metal bending is mainly two types. One is cold drawing processing and forming, which can be generally used as cold drawing half through 150 times of its thickness. However, for the physical pc lite polycarbonate sheet with scratch-resistant coating, 175 times of cold drawing should be applied to the tinted polycarbonate sheets. If it is to be smaller, then you should choose hot forming as the bending of cold sheet metal will cause permanent deformation, whose deformation size is determined by the thickness of the plate.


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