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How to Choose the Right PC plastic, double-wall or multiwall panel?

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How to Choose the Right PC plastic, double-wall or multiwall panel?

Forming polycarbonate sheets have become very popular due to their extremely high durability and resistance to harsh conditions. Glass is easily broken and damaged, which can lead to potentially dangerous situations. Polycarbonate can save you time and money, and significantly reduce the risk of injury when replacing glass in buildings and constructions. It can be produced in a variety of forms and is specifically designed to meet a wide range of narrow applications.


Generally speaking, there are many types of polycarbonate sheets on the market, which are mainly divided into transparent polycarbonate sheets, tinted polycarbonate sheets, mirror polycarbonate panels, double-wall polycarbonate sheets, and multilayer polycarbonate sheets. When purchasing, you should consider the type of purchase according to your own requirements and usage.


This article focuses on twin-wall polycarbonate panels and multiwall polycarbonate sheets. Both have extremely high strength and versatility. Which one to choose to get the best effect depends on different usage conditions. This article will analyze how to choose and why to choose a practical polycarbonate sheet for you.


Multi-layer polycarbonate refers to a multi-layer structure of polycarbonate panels used for different purposes. Multilayer polycarbonate sheets are stronger than basic materials in terms of toughness, versatility and insulation. It exhibits this advantage while maintaining excellent brightness, making it an ideal glass material for environments that need to be protected from sunlight and other environmental influences. Multi-layer polycarbonate wall sheets can be used in greenhouses, skylights, solariums, atriums, etc. If you are working on similar projects or need custom sheets, polycarbonate multiwall sheet is the best material you can use.


The twin-wall polycarbonate sheet means a double-layered polycarbonate panel. It has a layer on both sides, and the inside is connected by plastic material, which divides the internal parts into small compartments.


Uses of Double-wall Polycarbonate


It is very important to determine how much light is needed under the polycarbonate sheet and how much insulation is needed. Double-wall polycarbonate panels are divided into three categories, namely 4mm polycarbonate panels, 6mm polycarbonate panels and 10mm polycarbonate panels. A 4mm multilayer board cannot provide as much heat insulation as a 10mm multilayer board. Double-wall polycarbonate panels are generally suitable for greenhouses.



Uses of Multi-wall Polycarbonate


The clear multiwall polycarbonate sheet can be used for carports, greenhouses, skylights, patio covers. There are four types, mainly including 16mm multilayer board, 25mm multilayer board, 35mm multilayer board and 40mm multilayer board.


16mm polycarbonate multi-layer boards are mostly used in greenhouses, carriages and skylights due to their good thermal insulation and UV protection properties. The 25mm multilayer board is suitable for patio coverings and pergola.


Twin-wall Vs Multiwall


The properties of the two are the same, but the basic difference is that multiwall has more layers. The thickness of the polycarbonate panel is directly proportional to the thermal insulation it provides. For this, if you want high thermal insulation, multi-layer polycarbonate panel or solid polycarbonate sheet with UV coating.


In cold countries, double-wall polycarbonate is more practical than multi-wall polycarbonate for greenhouse purposes.


If you want to keep warm in cold countries or want better heat insulation, then multi-layer polycarbonate panels including 25mm, 32mm and 35mm will be very suitable for you.


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