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How to Remedy the Loopholes in the Polycarbonate Roof?

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How to Remedy the Loopholes in the Polycarbonate Roof?

Polycarbonate is a type of plastic. Around us, there are many items made of polycarbonate, such as greenhouse roofs, helmets, sunglasses and so on.


Polycarbonate sheet material has excellent dimensional stability, impact resistance, heat preservation, transparency, and aging resistance. It has been successfully used in the construction of many international large stadiums. The built stand canopy and exterior walls have high transparency, ensuring sufficient sunlight and minimizing supporting structures. Polycarbonate is one of the boards in the construction industry. Polycarbonate is a reasonable choice for greenhouse roofs. The light transmittance of the polycarbonate solar panel can reach up to 89%. The UV coated panel will not produce yellowing, fogging, or poor light transmission when exposed to sunlight.


Polycarbonate is susceptible to weather damage and wears out over time. Polycarbonate will get dirty, swell and crack when exposed to the outdoors for a long time. Although the external damage of the PC roofing sheet will not cause physical damage to the greenhouse, if the damage of the solid polycarbonate roof can seep into the water, this becomes an urgent problem.


Once holes are found in the material of the polycarbonate roof, solving this problem as soon as possible is essential to protect the interior of the greenhouse from harm.


The Solution Lies in Repair or Replacement


Repair and replacement are the two solutions for preserving the polycarbonate roof. As to which option to choose may depend on the scope of damage to the clear polycarbonate greenhouse roof.


If the hole is small, then you can easily seal it. The purpose of the seal is to prevent any water from entering the greenhouse or vents, thereby cooling the inside of the greenhouse.


If the holes are much larger or there are many holes, then you should consider replacing polycarbonate roof panels. Replace all roof panels that are damaged.


Long-term exposure to wind and sun may cause the polycarbonate to become brittle, so it is necessary to check all installed polycarbonate panels.


Under normal circumstances, before choosing polycarbonate panels, it is best to ask professionals to investigate to understand the weight of support provided by the greenhouse structure and foundation. In this way, you will also clearly choose single wall polycarbonate sheet, 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate sheet, or multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheet.


Different Greenhouse Roof Options


If your polycarbonate roof has been severely damaged once, it is best to replace the roofing material of the greenhouse with a new one. The specific gravity of clear polycarbonate board is only half of that of the same glass, and it only needs a small amount of skeleton load to play its role. This not only saves the cost on the skeleton, but also reduces the difficulty and cost of transportation, handling and installation. Objectively, it reduces the safety risk of construction.


Insulation Adds Extra Protection to the Greenhouse Roof


Installing a greenhouse roof insulation can strengthen the greenhouse roof and protect the interior from moisture damage. The insulation layer can be installed on a greenhouse roof including a roof made of glass or polycarbonate.


Insulation materials can resist the absorption and loss of heat and help prevent moisture problems such as condensation.



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