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How to deal with rapid aging of PC solid board?

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How to deal with rapid aging of PC solid board?

When using PC solid board or hollow polycarbonate sheet outdoors, it is often exposed to wind and the sun, which accelerates the aging of the board. Solar radiation promotes the formation of surface netting and has a particularly serious hazard to PC solid board, which was further corroded by water, dust, and chemicals. The impact of these conditions on polycarbonate sheets depends to a large extent on environmental parameters, such as geographic location, altitude, and seasonal changes. How should we solve the aging problem of PC solid board.



How to deal with rapid aging of PC solid board?

The appearance of polycarbonate sheets used outdoors must undergo special ultraviolet maintenance and treatment, which is completed through a co-extrusion process. The primary need is to produce a special masterbatch for the UV protection layer with polycarbonate (PC) as the carrier. For this reason, Saining provides two high-viscosity polymers with non-Newtonian characteristics. Carbonate is used as a masterbatch carrier: Makrolon (polycarbonate) KUl-1223/1 for co-extrusion of UV layer with polycarbonate 1143; for co-extrusion of UV layer with polycarbonate KUl-1243 Makrolon (polycarbonate) KU-123315. Both of these two trademarks of polycarbonate can improve the content of low-volatility UV absorbers, making the polycarbonate sheet more UV resistant.


21-1 pc board

In addition to the selection of high-quality anti-UV films and high-quality resins, the degree of curing is also important. In the future, the curing degree of polycarbonate sheet will be improved, and its hardness and mechanical strength (tensile strength, flexural strength, etc.) will also be strengthened.


In order to increase the resistance of boards, a plasticizer (that is, softener) is added to the endurance board. This substance can make the polycarbonate sheet have good flexibility. And it will float on the surface of the board and separate after a period of time, and it is a highly carcinogenic substance. In addition, the addition of plasticizers (softeners) will greatly reduce the aging resistance and lifespan of polycarbonate sheets, which is tantamount to hunger. Therefore, the more environmentally friendly polycarbonate sheets are made of new imported materials, and those polycarbonate sheets made of recycled materials have been gradually selected by users.



As a building material, it must have a certain rigidity and bending strength to ensure that the deformation is small under the condition of external force. It can also avoid failure of sealant and waterproof treatment due to external forces, and effectively avoid water leakage. Welcome to contact us to buy more high-quality polycarbonate corrugated roofing sheets, polycarbonate corrugated roofing sheets, polycarbonate corrugated sheets and other building materials. We always insist on innovation and development, and provide more excellent corrugated polycarbonate sheets and PC accessories to customers around the world. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. We are happy to answer you.

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