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How to distinguish the quality of PC endurance board?

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 How to distinguish the quality of PC endurance board?

You can often see polycarbonate roof panels,polycarbonate corrugated roofing sheets and polycarbonate sheets for greenhouse in daily life. How do you choose a cost-effective PC sun panel is very important. Follow the sun panel manufacturers to learn how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the sun panel!



The difference between PC endurance board

The well-known brands, raw materials, quality, and price of each grade are all different. In addition, there are also some manufacturers that produce low-end hollow polycarbonate sheet. Under the situation that the price of pc endurance board sales market fluctuates greatly, customers only have to grasp this, and they can choose according to the main purpose and requirements of their own products.


Generally speaking, endurance boards are divided into 3 levels according to their quality. In order to better consider the requirements of different customer groups and customers, products are divided into three categories according to quality assurance, including ten-year quality assurance, five-year quality assurance and three-year quality assurance. The well-known brands, raw materials, quality and price of each product are different. Customers can choose according to the main purpose and requirements of the product.


35-2 ,polycarbonate plastic sheets


How to distinguish the quality of PC endurance board

1. Looking at the clarity, the transmittance of a good solar panel is about 94%. The lower the clarity, the greater the increase in the recovered material, and the color of the defective solar panel will appear black.


2. Tear off the protective film and look at the board. The crystalline board with no impurity particles is a brand new material. Conversely, if there are impurities, foreign matter and dirt, it will increase the recovery material. The more the recovery material increases, the more obvious the impurities, and the better the quality of the board. difference.


3. Look at the thickness of the upper and lower walls, the thicker the material, the higher the ratio, the higher the cost, and the stronger the quality of the board. This method is not the same as the method of the total area of the company.


4. Bending the PC sunshine board model, the more fragile the board quality is, the PC polycarbonate board has good resistance, if the board is very simple, it will crack, indicating that it is not a pure PC raw material, that is, it increases the sunshine of the recycled material. board.


5. If the PE protective film on the surface of the sun board manufacturer's product is stuck well and does not fall, it means that the manufacturer's machinery and equipment processing technology is not out of date.


6. Look at the flatness of the board. On the one hand, a flat board indicates that the upper and lower walls are thicker and the material is sufficient, and it is not easy to deform; on the other hand, the processing technology of machinery and equipment is also better. If the board shows waves, it indicates that this type of PC sun board The processing technology is not sophisticated enough, maybe the upper and lower walls are relatively thin.



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