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How to distinguish the quality of solar panels?

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How to distinguish the quality of solar panels?

For any solar project on the roof or on the ground, the quality of photovoltaic solar panels is an important factor to consider. Indeed, the quality of the selected photovoltaic module will determine the return on investment of your solar power plant by ensuring your long-term best solar production. The quality standards of solar panels below are for your reference.



Quality standards for solar panels

1 – Guarantee: The manufacturer must provide you with a solar panel with a warranty of at least 25 years. In case of failure, how to replace the solar panel? It’s a good idea to ask the installer or manufacturer if there is any difficulty, so this is a bad sign.


2-Manufacturer: Try to find the reputation of the solar panel manufacturer in the search engine. How long has it been in the photovoltaic field, please refer to the website design and related warranty aspects. As a high-quality hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet supplier, Saining has always provided high-quality polycarbonate panels and clear polycarbonate sheets to customers around the world. Welcome to contact us for more detailed information.


3-Solar panel technology: polycrystalline, monocrystalline or amorphous? Which solar cell technology did you choose and why? Ensure that the solar panel technology meets your needs, expectations and suits the production environment of your solar power plant.


30-1 clear polycarbonate sheet

4-Solar panel efficiency: This is a standard to be considered according to your installation environment. The ratio expressed as a percentage will tell you the relationship between the output produced and the radiant power captured by the solar panel. The performance of photovoltaic solar panels varies according to several determinants, but is usually between 12% and 20%. Note that there are very good solar panels with a yield rate of 12%. The efficiency is not a criterion for determining the quality of the equipment, but it helps to improve the efficiency.


5-Power tolerance: This is the power output by the corrugated polycarbonate. For example, a 165W module with a tolerance of +/- 5% can actually produce 156.75W to 173.25W. The best photovoltaic solar panels have a "positive only" power tolerance, which means you can be sure to get at least the specified output power of the panel.


6-Temperature coefficient: The temperature coefficient tells you the electrical performance of the polycarbonate roof sheets from the standard operating temperature of 25°. The unit of this coefficient is expressed in "%°C", so the lower the coefficient, the better the solar panel. On the other hand, the larger the quantity, the lower the output produced by the photovoltaic module under intense heat or at the beginning of the afternoon.

A high temperature coefficient is a sign of low quality solar panels. A reasonable figure is about 0.5%. The best solid polycarbonate sheet should also be reduced to 0.3%, while 0.7% means that the coefficient of performance is very poor, so the photovoltaic equipment is not very reliable.



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