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Is Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Toxic?

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Is Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Toxic?

PC endurance board, also known as solid polycarbonate sheet, is produced and processed from high polymer polycarbonate raw materials, and the production process is multi-layer co-extrusion. So is the solid polycarbonate sheet poisonous? 


The following will use PC endurance board and PC sunshine board (known as hollow polycarbonate sheet) as the starting point to analyze whether polycarbonate will emit harmful gases after exposure.


Polycarbonate is a strong thermoplastic resin. It is generally colorless, transparent, odorless, and granular crystals. It is non-toxic and non-polluting. Forming polycarbonate is a new type of environmentally friendly engineering plastic, which is widely used in glass assembly industry, automobile industry and electronics, electrical industry, office equipment, medical and health care equipment.


Do Solid polycarbonate sheet and hollow polycarbonate sheet add toxic substances or produce toxic and harmful substances in the production process?


PC endurance board currently on the market is ordinary PC endurance board, double-sided UV endurance board, polycarbonate diffuser sheet, frosted polycarbonate sheet and particle board. In terms of production process, all products are produced by multi-layer co-extrusion. Ordinary PC endurance board, PC particle board, and frosted board are made of polycarbonate in the process, and there is no addition of any other substances, but the mold that produces the corresponding board is different. The raw material of the double-sided UV endurance board is PC raw material with anti-ultraviolet UV coating. UV itself is also a non-toxic and non-polluting product.


PC solar panels are commonly used as ordinary solar panels, multi-layer solar panels and special-shaped structural panels. The raw materials produced are all PC, and there is no need to add any substances. If you need to produce panels of different colors, such as green polycarbonate roof panels, blue polycarbonate roof panels or other tinted polycarbonate roof panels, you only need to add different color masterbatches. There are no toxic and hazardous substances. The difference between the multilayer and the structure is mainly determined by the different production molds. In addition, the anti-fogging sun panel for special applications is comparable to ordinary sun panels. The main reason is that the process adds a step of adding anti-drip process, which is also non-toxic and non-polluting technology. The production equipment itself is mechanical equipment, there is no toxic and harmful substances, and no toxic and harmful substances are produced.


Therefore, PC endurance board and PC sunshine board can be used with confidence.


As for whether the PC endurance board will produce toxic gas when exposed to the sun, you don't need to worry about it. At present, the PC endurance board will not produce a chemical reaction to volatilize harmful substances and gases when exposed to the sun. Exposure to the sun generally only turns the board yellow and reduces the light transmittance. It is recommended to use a new sheet. The addition of UV coating can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, and the use time is longer.


In the process of use, the solar panels will age, turn yellow or even be damaged, which brings safety hazards to our production and life, but also damages our structures and increases the cost of our production and processing inputs. In this regard, you can ask professionals for specific reasons and countermeasures.



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