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Learn some interesting facts about polycarbonate plastic!

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Learn some interesting facts about polycarbonate plastic!


Polycarbonate plastic is one of the most frequently used and best-performing forms of plastic, which is the material of polycarbonate plastic sheet. If you need durable plastic materials, it is a great choice.


Today we are going to look at some of the most exciting facts about polycarbonate plastic. If you are a new user or considering buying polycarbonate plastic panels for the first time, you will find these facts very useful.


So, without further delay, let's get straight to business.



Interesting facts

You already know that polycarbonate (polycarbonate panels) is a very strong and durable material. But do you know how strong it is compared to glass or plexiglass panels? This kind of plastic is 30 times stronger than acrylic acid and 180-200 times stronger than glass.


Dr. Hermann Schnell is considered to be the inventor of Polycarbonate resin. He invented it back in 1953.


Although this specific material is stronger than other materials, such as glass, it is significantly lighter. This material is lighter than glass or most plastics. Its lightness makes it a better choice among buyers. And they're easy to install, too.


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The wide range of applications of PC polycarbonate plastic is genuinely impressive. From aerospace and bulletproof windows to sunglass lenses, they’re used everywhere. They are mostly used for windows, pc roofing sheets, the aerospace industry, automotive parts, bulletproof windows, riot shields, skylights, bubble tents, office chair mats, or other projects where you need transparent and strong plastic sheets.


Polycarbonate provides natural UV protection against harmful UV rays, making it a greater option for home roofing panels and greenhouses. Thus, UV polycarbonate panels and polycarbonate greenhouse panels are so popular among our products.


Polycarbonate was originally developed for use in outer face masks for astronauts. The plastic and gold layers protect astronauts from harmful rays and radiation. Since then, PC sheets have become household items for many applications due to their exceptionally good reputation and durability.


This robust material can be easily formed and shaped without the risk or breaking or chipping, despite its extreme strength.


Polycarbonate is a safe material with no toxic releasing or exposed to the flames. You can use them for any applications including items for infants or tiffin boxes.


This plastic is approved by the food and drug administration. People use them in food applications such as food trays, bowls or spoons. Especially in hospitals, you will find that they are put to the greatest use.


Most of the dome lights, skylights and sound walls you see in the buildings are made of polycarbonate plastic.


Custom polycarbonate sheet is entirely fire-resistant material, and also prone to flames. Because of this, they’re commonly used for electrical components due to safety and security. Also, the transparency and lightweight nature of polycarbonate is another reason for this to be used in this application.



Hangzhou Saining Polycarbonate Sheet Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, it is a manufacturer that specializes in producing various kinds of high-quality polycarbonate sheets (such as transparent polycarbonate sheet and flexible polycarbonate sheet).

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