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PC Endurance Board Processing And Commonplace Problems

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PC Endurance Board Processing And Commonplace Problems

As many companies have introduced prominent PC endurance board automatic cutting machines, which is with accurate and stable cutting specifications and small errors. It can provide customize different specifications and models for PC endurance board, PC grinding board, PC solid wood particleboard, and PC sheet, etc. according to the requirements of consumers.


The PC Endurance Board Processing


1. PC endurance board bonding


PC special strong glue is used to bond PC endurance opaque polycarbonate sheet, which is firm and unique, which can be used to make all kinds of boxes, industrial equipment, service facilities, products, handicrafts, etc.


2. PC endurance sheet forming


The PC endurance board or polycarbonate plastic sheets has the properties of shock resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, anti-aging, and so on, making it universally used in automobile production and processing, medical equipment, aerospace, electronic and electrical appliances, electronic components lighting, lighting decoration, and other fields.


3. PC printing and packaging processing


According to the construction drawings, standards, and specifications provided by consumers or the sample processing. Using PC transparent, grinding raw polycarbonate sheet materials, surface treatment: positive /negative printing packaging, mirror glass laminated glass tone treatment, exquisite printing ink processing.



The Properties Of The PC Endurance Plates


1. Dent resistance: the force of the PC endurance plate is very large, which can guarantee 3kg/cm. The destructive tensile strength of PC endurance plate is 250-300 times that of ordinary laminated glass which can be used to make polycarbonate glass sheets and 2 times that of explosion-proof glass laminated glass. Most of them have no risk of cracking.


2. Transparency property: translucent polycarbonate sheets have good transparency, which can transmit light up to 75 ~ 90%, and the picture quality can be the same as laminated glass. Exposure to the sun does not easily cause yellowing, atomization, and poor light transmittance. Even though it has passed ten years, the function of light transmittance is only decreasing 6%, the PVC is merely reducing 15% - 20%, and the glass fiber is only decreasing12% - 20%.


3. Flame retardant grade: the endurance pc solid sheet itself is not on fire and has a self-extinguishing type. The ignition point of PC endurance board is 580 ℃, and it is not easy to cause harmful substances and promote the spread of fire


4. Energy saving and environmental protection: keep cool in summer and heat insulation in winter. The heat transfer coefficient of the PC endurance board is lower than that of ordinary laminated glass and other plastics. The expected effect of heat insulation is 7% - 25% higher than that of the same laminated glass, and the heat insulation of PC endurance board is 49% higher. Therefore, the harm of calorific value is greatly reduced. It is a new type of environmental protection material used in construction projects with heating mechanical equipment.


5. Anti-aging: the surface of plain polycarbonate sheets has a special layer blocking ultraviolet light, which can prevent the epoxy resin adhesive from fatigue and yellowing caused by ultraviolet rays. The surface coextrusion layer has ion bonds to digest ultraviolet light and transform it into visible light, which has high quality and stable expected effect on the photosynthesis of green plants.


All in all, the polycarbonate endurance plate has many advantages which are conducive to many industries. Actually, I think products from our company also have the benefits of double-layer polycarbonate. If you want to buy sheets, plates or panels like polycarbonate compact sheet, you can always turn to us for help. We will be very happy to serve you.


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