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PC endurance board processing and common problems

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PC endurance board processing and common problems

Polyester fiber endurance board is processed by high-performance engineering plastic polycarbonate or polycarbon-acid fat.

It has the characteristics of impact resistance, unbreakable strength hundreds of times more than strengthened glass and acrylic sheet, toughness and safety, anti-theft, and the best bulletproof effect. Do you know PC endurance board processing and common problems? Let us look at it together.


1. Sheet metal bending of PC sheet and sheet metal parts

The impact force of the pc endurance board can guarantee 3kg/cm. The destructive tensile strength of the pc hollow sheet is 250-300 times that of ordinary laminated glass, 20-30 times that of acrylic sheets, and 2 times that of explosion-proof laminated glass. , Most of them have no risk source of cracking. With a 3kg hammer, there is no gap when it is dropped two meters below. It has the reputation of "non-breaking glass" and "sounding steel". The impact resistance of the PC endurance board allows it to be cold drawn at room temperature, and it can also be bent into sheet metal.


35-1 Polyester fiber endurance board

2. PC endurance board hand carving

With imported high-quality PC endurance board , hand-carved according to the construction drawings or product samples provided by consumers. The company introduces large, medium and small CNC hand-carved industrial equipment, the accuracy of which can be manipulated at 0.07mm, and it can perform hand-carved fiber laser cutting of various shapes on the side beams of 1300Mm*2500Mm. , Round holes and omni-directional holes, taking into account consumers' various processing standards and specifications for operation panels, protective covers, dialog boxes, etc.


3. Adhesion of PC endurance board

The clear polycarbonate sheet is bonded with PC special strong glue, which is firm, unique, and does not leave the screen plate. It can be used for the production of various boxes, industrial equipment, service facilities, products, and handicrafts.


4. PC endurance board forming

The impact resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance and other technological properties of PC endurance board make it widely used in the production and processing of auto parts, medical equipment, aerospace, electronic appliances, electronic components, lighting fixtures, etc.

Our company adopts imported high-quality polycarbonate plates and hollow polycarbonate sheet, precise mold processing, and can provide the people with various fields of PC endurance plate product processing, sheet metal bending processing and forming, so that the products maintain unique specifications, models and appearances, and accuracy More than 98%, and machinery and equipment can provide adequate service facilities, and the supply will be immediate.


5. PC printing and packaging processing

According to the construction drawings provided by consumers, standard specifications or trial products are processed and manufactured. Using PC transparent, ground yarn raw materials, surface treatment: front/back printing and packaging, mirror glass laminated glass tone treatment, exquisite printing ink processing.


PC raw material product packaging design, membrane switches, computer keyboard plastic films, membrane buttons, membrane panels, label stickers, nameplates, identification signs, etc.; widely used in home appliances, computers, electrical instruments, communication equipment, aerospace, medical machinery, transportation, processing center automation equipment, industrial equipment, industrial electrical, gifts, sports equipment, Internet marketing products, high-tech military industry and other industries.

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