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What Should We Focus On When Buying PC Endurance Board?

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What Should We Focus On When Buying PC Endurance Board?

Many people who need to buy polycarbonate sunshade roofing sheets will care about some important factors about the products. So now let us  conclude several problems that customers are very concerned about when they purchase the smoked polycarbonate sheet.



1、 Service life of PC endurance board



As most of us do not know the key factor that has an essential impact on the service life of PC endurance plate lies in two reasons which include raw materials and the production process. On the one hand, the composition of PC raw polycarbonate sheet material is very important. There are not only imported new materials but also domestic raw materials. As is known to all, since you are using distinctively different raw materials, there is no doubt that the service life is different. Certainly, the various materials actually determine the price of different commodities like solid polycarbonate roofing sheets.


On the other hand, there is also another reason--production process, which depends on greatly whether there is a UV layer of the UV polycarbonate sheet which is am=im at blocking the UV. It is crucial to know whether the UV coextrusion is symmetrical and whether the UV thickness is qualified enough, and whether all the normal thickness must be 50μm. PC endurance board that is made of imported new materials has a long service life of more than ten years, and hollow polycarbonate board which is made of domestic raw materials has been used for about five years.


2、 Applied compressive strength



According to its main function, it can be used in the light shed, bicycle shed, parking shed, and safe passage light shed, etc. according to its application. Whats more, its thickness can be 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm two-layer, or 3 mm - 5 mm PC endurance board respectively.



3、 Customized sheet classification



The standard large format is 2100mm of the polycarbonate fiber sheet is 2100mm and the length can be customized according to the customer's requirements.



4、 The color of PC boards



The key raw material of PC endurance board is polycarbonate such as solid polycarbonate. And the plastic masterbatch is added to the processing of various colors so that the goods have a variety of colors. The products like a polycarbonate corrugated sheet selected by a lot of customers are transparent, sea blue, treasure blue, grass green, milk-white, dark brown, etc. It can also be customized according to the color card and palette which are presented by customers.


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5、 Transportation and storage



Transportation and storage of PCB and PC endurance Board shall be in accordance with the actual operation indicated to prevent scratch or damage to the edge of PCB. All boards should be packed and stored in specific ways to minimize the damage in the whole process and save the company's damage and expenses.


To conclude, we have to know basically about the main features of the PC endurance plate so that we can use these tips and methods to help us. We can turn our dreams into reality. We can tell different products when we go to purchase them which are powerful and stimulating.

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