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What are the precautions of purchasing a PC endurance board?

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What are the precautions of purchasing a PC endurance board?

Endurance board (also known as PC board, polycarbonate, solid board, bulletproof glass), with the continuous development of the economy, the endurance board industry has attracted more and more attention and is widely used in various industries in life. PC endurance board is suitable for the layout of telephone booths, advertising signs, light box advertisements, display and exhibition; suitable for instruments, meters, high and low voltage switch cabinet panels, LED screens and military industry, etc.; do you know what problems should be paid attention to when purchasing PC endurance boards ?



Precautions for purchasing PC endurance board

1. The service life of PC endurance board

The key to service life lies in raw materials and production processes. The composition of PC raw materials is very important: there are imported new materials as well as domestic raw materials (that is, purchased raw materials). Using different raw materials, the service life is undoubtedly different. This actually determines the price!


There are also production processes. It depends on whether there is a UV layer that blocks ultraviolet rays, whether the UV co-extrusion is uniform, whether the UV thickness is qualified, and all normal thickness must be 50μm. Imported new materials or PC endurance boards have a long service life (more than ten years), and the polycarbonate boards produced by domestic raw materials have been used for about five years.


 37-1 high-quality PC endurance board

2. Applied compressive strength

According to the main purpose, it can be used in lighting sheds, bicycle sheds, parking sheds, safe passage lighting sheds, etc., depending on its application, its thickness can be 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm two layers or 3 mm-5 mm up.


3. Classification of customized panels

The standard large format is 2100Mm, and the standard large format of PC endurance board is 2100Mm. The length can be customized according to customer requirements.


4. PC sheet color

The key raw material of PC endurance board is polycarbonate, and plastic masterbatch is added during the processing of various colors. Make the goods have a variety of colors. The products selected by general customers are transparent, sea blue, royal blue, grass green, creamy white, dark brown, etc. It can also be customized according to the color card and palette presented by the customer.


5. Transportation and storage

When transporting and storing the PC endurance board, you should follow the actual operation indicated to prevent scratching or destroying the edge of the circuit board. All boards should be packaged, transported and stored in the following ways to minimize the damage during the whole process of board transportation and storage, and save the company's damage and expenses.



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